How Can You Propagate Aglaonema Golden Madonna?

Where Are Aglaonema Golden Madonna Plants Native?

Aglaonema Golden Madonna plants are tropical plants that come from South and Southeast Asia. They grow in bogs, swamps and other places where the soil is saturated with water for extended periods of time. A large number of Aglaonema varieties are native to India and South China.

There is good reason to grow the Aglaonema Golden Madonna plants, as they are known for their sturdiness and their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Aglaonema Golden Madonna is a very hardy plant and becomes resistant to insect infestation, heat and cold.

They are easy to care for as they require little water and also have a pleasant appearance. The hardiness of Aglaonema Golden Madonna makes them an ideal plant for outdoors too, as they are able to thrive in hot and dry weather.

Though the Aglaonema Golden Madonna plants don’t need much sunlight for growth, but still there should be regular exposure to natural light as well.

The best option is a place where there is partial shade. This type of exposure will still ensure that the leaves remain green and attractive, but won’t burn them. Also, you should make sure that the plant pots are placed in a well-ventilated area with plenty of air circulation.

Can I Grow Aglaonema Golden Madonna With Other Plants?

Aglaonema Golden Madonna are very hearty, so there is no need for them to be planted with other plants. If you have plenty of space, feel free to close the space with Aglaonema plants as a border or in between your ornamental flowers.

You can also grow your Aglaonema plant in groups if you have so much area. Buying a small pot for your Aglaonema plant is always advisable since it will help you save money on the purchase of soil.

Aglaonema Golden Madonna is suitable for cultivation in most soil types, but it grows best when planted in heavy soil that has been prepared with good quality potting-mix.

Aglaonema Golden Madonna should be planted in full sunlight beds or pots, in which the light can penetrate the soil. Growing Aglaonema Golden Madonna with other plants will compete for nutrients and light. This will make the growth of Aglaonema plants slow or stagnant.

How Can You Propagate Aglaonema Golden Madonna?

Aglaonema Golden Madonna plant is propagated from seeds, rhizomes, and stem cutting. The best time to grow an Aglaonema from seed is from February to May. However the seeds should be sown immediately after dehulling and drying the seeds since they don’t store well.

When propagating Aglaonema Golden Madonna from rhizomes, they should be planted in pots at least three inches (7.6 cm) deep and watered with tepid water until the rhizome has penetrated the soil.

To grow an Aglaonema Golden Madonna plant from stem cutting, it is best to choose a shoot that is six to eight inches (15–20 cm) tall. The top end of the shoot should have two or three leaves that are not fully expanded yet. The following are the steps to follow when propagating Aglaonema Golden Madonna:

Propagation from Stem cutting;

  • Remove the growing tip from a healthy shoot.
  • Lay the shoot in a pot filled with soil as if you were planting a seedling. The soil should be light and porous and it is important that the root diameter of the Aglaonema Golden Madonna plant is equal to or less than 3 times its height because it will encourage healthy growth.
  • Cover the plant with a clear plastic bag and secure it with a rubber band for about a week to allow the soil to dry out completely.
  • If you want to use flower buds from your existing Aglaonema Golden Madonna, remove the buds from the mother plant and transplant them into an empty pot filled with soil in which they have been potted.
  • Place the new plants in a bright room and water it with bonsai fertilizer.
  • The Aglaonema Golden Madonna plant will begin to show signs of growth in just one month.

Propagation from Rhizomes division;

  • Set the rhizomes in water so that they can become hydrated.
  • Divide the rhizome into smaller pieces with a sharp knife and take out as many buds as possible. It is good to plant new Aglaonema Golden Madonna pieces right away since they don’t contain hormones that promote growth when they are stored for a long time.
  • Place the pieces in a pot filled with soil and give them water immediately after planting them in soil because it will encourage development of new buds.
  • Keep the soil moist but avoid over watering.
  • Propagate new Aglaonema plants with these methods or by sowing seeds and allowing them to grow.
  • When you have enough Aglaonema plants, you can sell them to many people as an interesting plant for your flower bed.

Propagation from seeds;

  • To start with seeds, select a large seed which has four or more ribs on its surface.
  • Store the seed in a dark, dry place (like the bottom of a tumbler) for several days until it has dried out.
  • Fill the bottom of a small pot with mulch and place the seeds in it. The pot should be placed in a bright, warm place.
  • The seeds will begin to germinate in eight to ten days. Once they do, remove the covering and use a fine mist sprayer to moisten them frequently. If you want to plant Aglaonema Golden Madonna plants outdoors, choose those that have begun growing and transplant them into garden beds or containers.
  • Transplant your Aglaonema Golden Madonna into its new permanent location after the threat of frost has passed.
  • If you want to grow your Aglaonema Golden Madonna from seed, you need to move it outdoors before the threat of frost is completely over.
  • The ideal temperature range for germination is between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (20 – 28 C).

How Long Does It Take To Grow Large Aglaonema Golden Madonna?

While growing Aglaonema Golden Madonna plants from seed takes up to four months, they will grow more quickly when they are started indoors. Aglaonema Golden Madonna plants can grow up to 20 – 30 inches (50 – 76 cm) high at maturity.

The ideal conditions to grow Aglaonema Golden Madonna are a minimum temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 °C) and a growth temperature of around 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 28 °C). The light needs of Aglaonema Golden Madonna plants are bright, filtered light from indirect sunlight.

Some pests such as aphids, spider mites and mealy bugs can affect your Aglaonema Golden Madonna plants. You can use various insecticidal sprays to deal with mealy bugs (including the ones that are white in color). A well-drainage system is necessary to prevent root rot.

Why Do Aglaonema Golden Madonna Leaves Turning Yellow?

The most prevalent cause of yellowing leaves in Aglaonema Golden Madonna is improper soil moisture–in particular, overwatering. Only water your Aglaonema Golden Madonna when the top 2-3 inches of soil are dry. Soil should stay moist, but not wet.

In the winter, you may let your plant to dry out a little more between watering. The following are the reasons that cause Aglaonema Golden Madonna leaves to turn yellow;


This is the main reason that causes yellowing of Aglaonema Golden Madonna leaves. Leaves are yellow when the soil is not moist, but wet. When you water your plant too much, you cause it to become waterlogged so that the roots can’t receive enough oxygen and can’t absorb as much nutrition from the soil.

Lack of nutrients

When your Aglaonema Golden Madonna is lacking nutrients, the older leaves turn yellow to save the younger ones. You should change the soil and add fertilizer to prevent this problem.

Lack of light

Aglaonema Golden Madonna leaves turning yellow can also be caused by lack of sunlight; it is important that your plant receives at least 3 to 4 hours of light each day.

Aglaonema Golden Madonna leaves turning yellow because of this might also be caused by a recent change in growing location.

Poor air circulation

Yellow Aglaonema Golden Madonna leaves can also be caused by stagnant air, which may also lead to fungal infections. Make sure you water your plant and let the soil dry out between watering. You should also make sure this plant has a fresh supply of air by placing it in a well-ventilated location with plenty of sunlight and some direct light from an unobstructed window.

Excessive humidity

Aglaonema Golden Madonna leaves are turning yellow, it could be caused by excess humidity. The leaves may also look wilted and shriveled and show drooping between the leaf veins. High levels of humidity can cause the growth tips of plants to rot, leading to leaf yellowing.

Cold temperature

When the temperature is too low, the Aglaonema Golden Madonna leaves turn yellow due to cold injury. The condition can be reversed when the temperature rises again. Aglaonema Golden Madonna leaves are more likely to yellow in winter, once the temperature drops to below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Low humidity

A lack of humidity can also cause Aglaonema Golden Madonna leaves to dry out. Low humidity can lead to yellowing and browning of the leaves. Aglaonema Golden Madonna leaves with low humidity will eventually shrivel, dry up, and fall off. This condition can also lead to leaf spots and black spots on the leaves.

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