How Do You Care For Monstera Radicans?

How Do You Care For Monstera Radicans?

This tropical plant needs to be kept in a pot with loose, moist soil. In order to grow well Monstera Radicans requires a lot of light – they do best situated near a window without any direct sunlight.

When you water the plant make sure that you don’t ever let the water pool on top of the soil, instead pour it slowly over the entirety of the pot so that each section is wet.

The following are the factors to consider when caring for Monstera Radicans;


Monstera Radicans prefers a lot of indirect sunlight. For example, direct sunlight will quickly cause the plant to wilt.

You should place the plant close to a window that gets morning and afternoon light. Monstera Radicans does not like direct afternoon sun. It will wilt quickly during this time of day.


Monstera Radicans requires a lot of water. The plant’s soil should be kept very moist at all times. However, you should never over water your plant.

You should water your Monstera Radicans about once every week. Water the entire plant, meaning that water should run out of the pot when you water it. It might be a good idea to put a saucer under your plant in order to catch any excess water that drains out as you are watering it.

When watering make sure not to use chlorinated water or rainwater that has been sitting in buckets for a while.


Monstera Radicans should be potted in a loose, fibrous soil. A mix of peat, vermiculite and sand works well. Soil should be kept moist, but not soaked. If you notice that your plant starts to wilt or is drooping it might need some added water.

A well-drainage plan is necessary for Monstera Radicans. The plant should not be waterlogged, but neither should it dry out.


Monstera Radicans is a very low maintenance plant and can be fertilized at any time during the year. During spring and summer you can feed the plant with diluted fish emulsion fertilizer on a weekly basis.

When using this mixture, apply it in small amounts to the surface of the soil to prevent burning your plants.


You never want to expose Monstera Radicans to extreme temperature fluctuations because they will damage their leaves.

The temperature should be kept at 60 degrees Fahrenheit in your home and below 80 degrees during winter months. There is no need to let the soil dry out too quickly, it should be damp instead.


Monstera Radicans require high humidity levels of 60-70%. This is why they are usually found growing in tropical areas where the humidity levels are extremely high all year round.

Make sure that you monitor your plant closely to ensure that it has a steady supply of moisture; this will prevent the leaves from drying out and help the plant thrive in your home.

Humidity can be increased by placing your potted Monstera Radicans on a tray filled with water.


Although Monstera Radicans is a tropical plant, it can be grown in temperate areas by propagating new plants.

The easiest way to do this is to take stem tip cuttings during spring and summer months. When you do take the cuttings make sure the skin covering them is moist. You can then place the stems in damp soil and cover them with plastic until they root.


Repot Monstera Radicans once every 2-3 years. Repotting your Monstera Radicans depends on the size of the pot and how much it has grown.

In order to repot Monstera Radicans, you must gently remove the old soil from the roots of your plant so that it does not die. Take care to not root damage the roots by over or underwatering your plant.

After removing old soil gently mix new soil into your pot then place your Monstera Radicans back into its new pot. Fill the pot with enough new soil so that all of the drainage holes are covered.


After you repot your Monstera Radicans you should prune it yearly in order to keep it looking healthy. Prune the stem back so that each section of stem is the same length. If a leaf is longer than 7 inches, take off a third portion of the leaf.

You should make sure not damage any of the new roots that have formed while your Monstera Radicans was growing in its old pot.

Pests and Diseases

Most pests are not a problem for Monstera Radicans; however, when you notice the leaves of your plant start to turn yellow and then brown, this could mean that pests have invaded it.

If your Monstera Radicans is suffering from any pests make sure you treat them right away. Spray the plant with insecticidal soap or neem oil. If you don’t have any at home, spray the soil around your plant with a strong sulfur bleach mix.

How Much Light Does Monstera Radicans Need?

Monstera Radicans, like most tropical plants, needs a lot of light. They generally grow best under a window that provides an average of 12 hours of indirect sunlight per day. If you have a Monstera Radicans, but it is not doing well in your home make sure that you place it in a room with as much light as possible.

The plant will do better if it is near a sunny window and if there is fresh water available to it. Sunlight that is too strong, however, can burn the leaves of your plant.

You should put it near a window that receives sunlight for about seven hours per day. If you do not have a sunny window in your home, you can place your Monstera Radicans in a well-lit room that has artificial lighting.

These types of lights are often found in offices and schools. An incandescent light bulb is best for this type of lighting, as it emits yellow light that helps keep Monstera Radicans from getting burned by the light.

Is Monstera Radicans An Indoor Or Outdoor Plant?

Monstera Radicans is a tropical plant, so it is an excellent houseplant. You can plant it outdoors in a sunny outdoor area, but it will do better if the soil is rich and the temperature is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure to water your Monstera Radicans regularly to keep it healthy. If you have very long periods of time where there is no rain you might want to consider bringing your Monstera Radicans inside for the winter months.

The amount of sunlight it receives and the temperature of the soil will affect how well your plant does during winter months.

Since Monstera Radicans is a tropical plant, it will not do well outdoors if temperatures drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you want to keep your Monstera Radicans planted outdoors all year long, protect it with a glass greenhouse. This will protect it from cold temperatures and let more sunlight in through the windows.

Watering your Monstera Radicans regularly is important and you should make sure not to over-water your plant because it will rot.

You should keep the soil moist, but not wet. If you have a Monstera Radicans that is indoors, make sure to provide it with plenty of light and good air circulation.

When Should You Repot Monstera Radicans?

You should repot your Monstera Radicans ever 2-3 years. You don’t want to repot too far away from the root zone, so use an indoor potting mix that drains well and has good aeration. When you repot your plant make sure to gently remove the old soil from the roots of your plant so that it does not die.

Take care to not root damage the roots by over or underwatering. After removing old soil gently mix new soil into your pot, then place your Monstera Radicans back into its new pot.

Fill the pot with enough new soil so that all of the drainage holes are covered. Monstera Radicans should be kept in slightly moist, but well-drained soil.

You can add a couple of pinches of mycorrhizal fungi to the soil to encourage the growth of beneficial microorganisms which will encourage root health.

Does Monstera Radicans Like To Be Misted?

Yes, Monstera Radicans like to be misted frequently. You can mist your Monstera Radicans whenever you need to repot it into a bigger pot.

This will help it stay hydrated and healthy. Just make sure you do not over-water your plant or let the soil completely dry out after water has been applied.

Misting your Monstera Radicans will also help you to avoid over-watering. Mist the soil of your plant, not the leaves. The leaves consist of a waxy coating that helps protect it from water damage; misting the leaves can cause water spots to form on the leaves and then dry.

Monstera Radicans should be misted with a soft spray from a hose or a common household sprayer. Make sure that the leaves are free of dust, dirt and debris before misting.

You can gently wipe down the leaves with a damp cloth or make sure it is free of debris by taking it outside for a few minutes and lightly blowing air on it to remove any dust that has settled on its leaves.

Monstera Radicans do not like direct sunlight, so make sure you are not misting your plant in direct sunlight because this can burn the leaves of your plant.

Does Monstera Radicans Flower?

Monstera Radicans is an unusual houseplant in that it flowers. In order to make Monstera Radicans flower you should plant it outdoors in direct sunlight, or you should place it near a sunny window indoors.

Monstera Radicans is usually a heavily branched plant, so you may want to remove some of the lower branches for a more bush-like appearance. Monstera Radicans can take up to 8 years to flower and will produce large amounts of flowers in short bursts during this time.

The best way to encourage Monstera Radicans to flower is to provide it with bright lighting. If you can’t place it near a window where it receives lots of direct sunlight, make sure that you are providing it with artificial lighting. This will help the plant bloom.

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