How Do You Care For Scindapsus Silver Hero?

How do you care for Scindapsus Silver Hero?

Well to start, you need to know that Scindapsus Silver Hero is an indoor plant and needs the right environment to thrive. Scindapsus Silver Hero prefer the following environment;


Scindapsus Silver Hero thrive best in medium to bright indirect light, but will tolerate much lower light conditions. It can even grow under fluorescent light. To ensure sufficient light, stand the plant near a South facing window or a fluorescent lamp.   Scindapsus Silver Hero will adapt to lower light conditions after some time, but it will not be as healthy or look as great as if it were receiving the right amount of light.


Scindapsus Silver Hero grow best in temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees F, with night temperatures 70 degrees F.   It prefers a night temperature of 70 degrees F and a day time temperature of 65 to 68 degrees F.


Caring for Scindapsus Silver Hero   can be done either by using a water soluble fertilizer or by watering the plant on a regular basis. Both methods would give you similar results. When you water, remember to avoid dousing the surface of the pot, which will cause root rot or stem rot.

Watering at the roots is always better than watering the top leaves. If your pot size is small or unsuitable for regular watering, you can use a drip system to make sure that the medium is always moist and there is not too much water in that pot.

Plants grown under low light conditions tend to be tall and stretched out in appearance.   The color of diluted chlorophyll in the plant tends to have dark green hues.


Caring for Scindapsus Silver Hero is not a problem as long as you remember to avoid letting the pot dry out.   Scindapsus Silver Hero prefers a humidity level between 50 and 60 percent. You can buy a humidity gauge to test the humidity level in your house and adjust accordingly.

By keeping your lights bright and by watering with diluted fertilizer, you can ensure that your plant grows in good health and will keep on growing until it reaches maturity.


Scindapsus Silver Hero grow best in a soil that is rich in organic materials, such as peat moss, leaf mold and well-rotted manure.   The soil should also have the right amount of nutrients and minerals for plant growth.   To mix or buy a proper soil for Scindapsus Silver Hero is very easy. You simply mix equal amounts of sand and organic materials together in water.   Then you let the mixture settle so that you can see which layer is on top.


Repot your Scindapsus Silver Hero whenever the top of the soil dries out.   When you repot, remember to do so in a bigger pot, using a soil that is richer in nutrients.

When you water your plant, make sure that the water has been allowed to get cold.   This way you can be sure that if there are any bacteria or fungus on the surface of the plant; it will not spread to your plant and cause root rot or other issues.


Scindapsus Silver Hero can be propagated from cuttings.   To get a cutting, you need to cut the stem at an angle.   The stem tends to grow in a very pronounced manner.   Then place the cuttings in moist sand or peat moss and cover them with plastic wrap.

What is a Scindapsus Silver Hero?

Silver Hero Scindapsus Pictus is a unique and magnificent vine with huge velvety leaves that are nearly totally coated in silver variegation. This Aroid is a low-maintenance, yet extremely distinctive plant that can enhance any indoor jungle!

Scindapsus make excellent houseplants since they take little maintenance and do not require particular conditions to grow. Although Scindapsus Pictus Silver Splash is native to subtropical Asia, it thrives in low-humidity environments. That’s fantastic since it eliminates the need for a humidifier!

While Scindapsus love strong indirect light, they can survive in low light environments, making them ideal for darker areas of your house! However, like with other plants, the less light a plant receives, the slower it grows!

Scindapsus Pictus Silver Hero is an excellent hanging basket plant. Because it may shoot out empty stems in search of anything to climb on, it will require trimming to remain bushy. If you want your plant to thrive, supply it with a support pole into which it may develop its aerial roots! The leaves can grow to their maximum extent only when permitted to ascend. Each plant has three leaves and stands around 10-15cm tall.

Does Scindapsus Silver Hero need humidity?

Humidity is one of the most important aspects in indoor plants’ growth.   Too much humidity or no humidity at all can cause a multitude of problems!   A place in which hands-down, the atmosphere is too dry will lead to a plant that won’t grow fast or at all, and it will die really fast.

Unlike with other environments, the atmosphere of Scindapsus Silver Hero needs to be constantly moist. The leaves can droop without water and start to turn yellow if too much water has evaporated from their leaves.

The leaves are shiny and thin, especially if you have a young plant.   They usually start to become thicker as the plant grows. If your Scindapsus Silver Hero is suffering from not enough humidity, you can certainly try misting it on a regular basis. If you are worried about over-watering, it is advisable that you check the color of the soil.   It should be moist, but not too wet.

How often do you water Scindapsus Silver Hero?

Watering once a week is usually enough. When the leaves start to droop, water your plant a bit more often. You can check the soil to be sure that it is moist but not too wet because if it is too wet, your plant will drown!

In order for your Scindapsus Silver Hero to thrive, you should spray it at least once a month with water from a houseplant spray bottle. A humidifier can also help in providing humidity needed by your plants. Scindapsus Silver Hero will also grow much faster if you use diluted houseplant food. Watering your plant with water from a hose will allow you to make sure that there is no water left in the pot.

Most plants grow best with minimal watering. The exception is if you have grown them in very small pots, which is when you need to constantly water your plant so that it can continue growing. If your plant gets too dry, the leaves will turn yellow and eventually fall off the plant.

Why is Scindapsus Silver Hero drooping?

Scindapsus Silver Hero can droop for many reasons. The most common reasons for drooping are;

Inadequate light:   If your plant is not getting enough light, it will be unable to afford to keep its leaves properly hydrated and droop.

Too much light:   If you are sure your plant is getting enough light, but is still drooping, you can try moving the plant to a darker location. Put foil on the windows so that light can be let in, but not so much that the plant will get too much direct sunlight.

Watering regime:   If your plant is neglected for too long, it will give up and take its leaves to a safer place because if it gets too dry, it feels as though it’s going to freeze.

Temperature:   If you have put your Scindapsus Silver Hero in a place that gets cooler than 18C (65F), it can droop because the leaves are not strong enough to deal with the colder temperatures.

Pests and diseases:   If your plant droops for no reason, you probably have a pest or disease on your hands.   Check your plant to see if you may have some white spider webs or other signs of insect infestation. If you feel that your plant is getting too much water and the soil is getting too soggy, cut down on watering time and follow up with more frequent watering session.

Eliminate humidity to get rid of drooping leaves.   Remove the plant from houseplants basket, turn it upside down and gently tap out any excess water from the pot.

When does Scindapsus Silver Hero bloom?

Flowering is rarely seen in houseplants.   But when it does occur, it is usually because you have put your Scindapsus Silver Hero in an environment with plenty of light, and the plant has enough space to grow. You can trigger flowering by moving the plant to a place where it gets more hours of sunshine per day. It usually blooms in the spring.

Scindapsus Silver Hero might also bloom when it has reached its maturity. Since the flowers are small and insignificant, you will probably not notice that your plant is in full bloom.

What do Scindapsus Silver Hero flowers look like?

The flowers have a long curved spathe surrounding male and female flowers that looks somewhat like a corn cob. The female portion bears the ovary at the base of the flowering shoot, but does not have petals.

The male flower’s spathe opens first, followed by the female flowers spathe. Scindapsus Silver Hero flowers look white or pink, depending on their maturity.   The female flowers are sometimes used in floral arrangements. You can find them from June to February. Scindapsus Silver Hero flowers rarely produce seeds because the flowers are so tiny.

How long does it take for Scindapsus Silver Hero to grow?

Scindapsus Silver Hero is usually ready to start blooming within 6 or 7 months of planting. A larger plant with many leaves will have more of a chance of flowering than a smaller plant with less leaves.   The plant will continue to grow as long as it has enough nutrients in the soil and as long as you do not starve it.

Scindapsus Silver Hero will reach maturity when its leaves are covered with large, deep-green leaves with large leaflets. It is said that mature plants have the potential to have up to 150 new branches.

The root system of Scindapsus Silver Hero is extensive and thick, making this plant a good candidate for offsetting or repotting. You can start with the first signs of flowering, but you should know that it is not normal for this plant.

The average growth period is from six months to two years, depending on how much care it receives. After blooming, its leaves will grow larger and thicker. If you do not remove the flowers on time, they will fall off and leave behind seed pods. These pods can be planted in soil to create new plants.

How much light does Scindapsus Silver Hero need?

This plant thrives in bright light and can be placed anywhere in your house. However, it will not bloom if it is too dark. If you are not sure where to place this plant in your home, a flowering Scindapsus Silver Hero can easily be moved to a brighter location.

This plant likes bright light, with at least four hours of sunlight per day: morning sun and a little afternoon sun during the summer months (June through to the end of September). It also needs low humidity at least until the flowers open.

If you are not using the plant for flowers, you should place it in a location that gets as much light as possible. The plant will continue to grow and bloom as long as it gets enough light or water. If the light is dim or too dim for this plant, position your Scindapsus Silver Hero near a window that receives morning sun.

In areas with heavy winter snowfall, place your Scindapsus Silver Hero in a bright location out of direct sunlight (to ensure its leaves won’t burn).

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