How Do You Propagate Graptoveria Bella?

How do you propagate Graptoveria Bella?

The Graptoveria Bella can be easily propagated by leaf, stem cuttings, seeds or offsets. To propagate Graptoveria Bella the following steps to follow when propagating by;

Stem cutting

  • Cut stem end 10-12 cm about 1½-2 inches below soil line and leave the lower part of the stem attached that is buried in the soil.
  • Place the cuttings in a few inches of water so that they are submerged at least half way.
  • Encourage development by pinching from time to time until new growth appears, then transfer to individual pots as soon as they show signs of growth like leaves and roots.

Leaf cuttings

  • Take about 3 – 5 leaves from the plant and place the leaves on a damp paper towel.
  • Cover the damp paper towel with another damp paper towel and place in a plastic sandwich bag. Make sure that there is no light shining through the sandwich bag.
  • Keep the cuttings in a cool and dark area for about two weeks until roots show through the paper towel.
  • Place the rooted cuttings in a plastic sandwich bag, with enough water to cover the roots.
  • Keep in moist soil, but not wet while they are rooting.
  • In about a week up to three weeks roots should show. Remove the paper towel and transplant the cuttings into individual pots as soon as they have taken root.
  • Keep moist soil in pots, but no wet soil.


  • Take a few viable seeds from Graptoveria Bella and place them in a jar containing water for two weeks or until roots show through the water surface.
  • Remove the jar from water, place it in a bright area, and let the seeds dry.
  • Covering the jar with a damp paper towel will aid in keeping the seeds moist until roots show through the paper towel.
  • Once roots appear, remove from water and transplant into individual pots with moist soil.


  • Take an offset from Graptoveria Bella and insert it into moist soil and cover with plastic wrap to keep humidity in while it is rooting.
  • Once the offset has taken root and stops sending out a new shoot, remove the plastic wrap, and place in a bright area.
  • Water regularly with care not to saturate the soil, but keep soil moist enough so that it does not dry out or become too cold for the plant to handle.
  • Once you have a good root system with the Graptoveria Bella offset, transplant into individual pots as soon as possible.
  • If you want to increase your collection of Graptoveria Bella, then you should propagate them from the offsets since they will have bigger roots and look stronger than their parent plant.

 How do you care for a Graptoveria Bella?

Graptoveria Bella has broad leaves with purple/bronze tones. It grows to 15cm broad in a container. These look fantastic in container gardens or in pots. Graptoveria Bella is a succulent and requires the following factors from you:


This plant requires well-draining soil, so aeration is of paramount importance. Graptoveria Bella will grow well in full sun or partial shade. It does not like to be wet, so keep the water off its leaves unless you are watering. As a succulent, it will require very little water during the growing season, which is late spring to early fall.


This plant needs bright light for optimum growth, particularly during the summer. Graptoveria Bella can stand temporary dappled shade, but will not tolerate any long term shade. Light requires a high thermal gradient to grow well.


This plant needs humidity, so it is important that the plants remain above 70 °F (21 °C). As a tropical plant, it will need to be kept consistently above 81 °F (27 °C) during the summer growing season. The Graptoveria Bella will not tolerate extreme temperatures below 45 °F (7 °C) in the winter or above 85 °F (29 °C) from July through September.


The Graptoveria Bella requires very high humidity during the growing season. This can be achieved by placing in a humid greenhouse or by running water over the plants. Spray bottles can also be used to mist distant plants with water.


This plant will need water during the summer, although you need not water it daily. Allow the soil to dry out between watering. Do not let the soil get too dry and allow it to remain moist for at least a week after watering sparingly. This plant requires humidity during the growing season, so be sure to leave water around it if possible.


This plant is easily propagated by leaf, stem cuttings, seeds or offsets. The Graptoveria Bella will root easier when repotted during its winter dormancy, so repot it in the spring. This plant does not like to be pot bound and will often outgrow its container.


This succulent is easily propagated by leaf, stem cuttings, seeds or offsets taken in the growing season. You can also propagate a Graptoveria Bella by dividing it into smaller plants through the plastic divisions of a window box or garden window.

How do you get Graptoveria Bella to bloom?

Graptoveria Bella is a perennial plant that will bloom in small clusters of red and yellow flowers during the late summer even when it is indoors. The Graptoveria Bella will require repotting as it grows; you can use a fast-draining cactus mix with small chips of lava rock or pieces of broken pottery for drainage.

When you are repotting, remember to keep the plant at or just below its original soil level. You should ensure that there is no duff on top of the soil.

The Graptoveria Bella does not require a lot of water when it blooms which a good thing for those is using it in a container. If you do water the plant, be sure that the soil stays moist, but do not let the soil dry out. You shouldn’t have to worry too much about care when the Graptoveria Bella is in bloom.

How do you know when Graptoveria Bella needs water?

Graptoveria Bella is a succulent and does not require a lot of water. The Graptoveria Bella will not drown in water, but you should keep the plant moist, but not soggy.

Try to avoid letting the soil get too wet for more than a week following the last watering. Watering Graptoveria Bella is a little more challenging than other succulents requiring more care and attention.

How should I fertilize Graptoveria Bella?

Graptoveria needs little care when it is in bloom as it doesn’t need much water during that season. It does well in a medium which is high in organic matter and low in nutrients.

This plant wills buildup salts in the soil if it is not used to being repotted and will do better if this problem is addressed. Over-feeding is a problem that can occur with the Graptoveria Bella; over-feeding can lead to root rot and is best avoided.

Should I mist Graptoveria Bella?

You should mist the Graptoveria Bella with water regularly when it is in bloom. Regular misting prevents the plant from being too damp, but avoids wetting the foliage. The Graptoveria Bella will not do well when it is wet for more than a week after the last watering.

If you are using a spray bottle for this, be sure that you do not mist the leaf sap of your Graptoveria Bella. Misting more than once a day will cause problems like over-watering in the soil which can lead to root rot.

What pests and diseases affect Graptoveria Bella?

While the Graptoveria Bella is usually very easy to care for, there are several pests and diseases that can affect it. Spider mites and scale insects can be a problem in areas where it is warm and dry. The Graptoveria Bella may also be affected by damping off or fungal infections. It will dry out and rot if it is not kept moist in the winter.

As a succulent, the Graptoveria Bella does not trigger off naturally any kind of defoliating insects and this is also true for other succulents. The biggest pests are spider mites and scale insects which can attack both indoors and outdoors. Regularly misting will help to prevent pest issues, so you can be gentle with your plants while they are blooming.

How do you keep Graptoveria Bella from being frost cold?

To ensure your Graptoveria Bella will be able to get through the winter without dying, you should store it in a sunny, warm place. For a potted plant, this can be placed nearby an east or south facing window.

You should take precautions to keep the soil of your Graptoveria Bella above freezing temperatures in the winter; this means digging up any plants that are not dormant and storing them in a frost-free container.

How much light does Graptoveria Bella need?

The Graptoveria Bella will do well with bright light for most of the day, but not direct sunlight. The plant should be able to receive a minimum of four hours a day of direct sunlight. Less sun will result in pale-colored leaves on this plant.

The Graptoveria Bella will begin to wilt if it is in direct sunlight; this plant prefers shady areas. This can also cause the plant to lose its color as it begins to lose moisture.

How do you keep Graptoveria Bella from being blue light?

The Graptoveria Bella will close up in bright sunlight and its leaves will turn a bluish-green color. You can avoid this if you place your plant in a location with filtered light.

You should keep the soil of the Graptoveria Bella moist. This can help to prevent the damage that it may experience in high temperatures or dry summer conditions.

If your Graptoveria Bella is taking damage, then humidity may be affecting them. Be sure to keep the soil of the plant moist, but do not over-water.

Should Graptoveria Bella be in a cold location?

While many people do not know, many succulents and cacti will be damaged or die if they are kept too cold. The Graptoveria Bella should be stored away from frost and is sensitive enough that it will begin to lose its color at temperatures below 10 degrees Fahrenheit (F).

This can kill it if left too long at these temperatures. You can store the Graptoveria Bella in a frost-free location and avoid problems that it might encounter during the winter months; however, you should avoid keeping the plant too wet.

How do you keep Graptoveria Bella from being too hot?

If your Graptoveria Bella begins to turn blue and wilt, it may be getting too much light. You can help to prevent this by keeping it in a shadier area. The Graptoveria Bella requires direct sunlight for at least four hours each day.

To help ensure that the soil stays moist, but not wet, you can mist the Graptoveria Bella regularly as well. If you choose to mist your Graptoveria Bella, do not mist it more than once a day. Misting daily is not necessary, but might be required if the plant is in direct sunlight.

What kind of soil do you need for Graptoveria Bella?

The Graptoveria Bella is a moderate grower and will require regular watering every two to three weeks. The soil in which it should be grown should be sandy and well drained. You can use a cactus/succulent mix such as indoor potting soil, but will want to try to avoid using peat moss in this situation.

Both peat moss and regular potting soil will retain moisture from the plant. It is best to use a fast-draining soil as this is where the Graptoveria Bella will thrive. It is preferable to use a sand-based potting soil as this will help to prevent the Graptoveria Bella from rotting as it grows.

The Graptoveria Bella will require a mix which is high in organic matter. You should use a mix that drains well if you are fertilizing the plant. You will want to avoid adding any fertilizer that has too much nitrogen in it as this can lead to poor root growth and rot.

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