How Do You Repot A Pachira Aquatica?

How Do You Repot A Pachira Aquatica?

Pachira Aquatica is a very hardy plant. It can be either directly repotted or put into a bigger pot. If you purchase this plant in a container, it is better to transplant it directly into the soil.

You can do this yourself or have the nursery do it for you. The best time to repot this would be early spring before the new growth starts.

Repot Pachira aquatica every two to three years. To repot a pachira Aquatica, first you should make sure that the plant is in need of this. If it looks like your plant is top heavy, is leaning or its roots are showing, then yes it may be time to repot the money tree.

You will also want to repot your pachira Aquatica if you notice that the potting medium is drying out or breaking down. To repot your pachira aquatica, first remove the plant from its container. The follow are the steps to follow when repotting Pachira aquatica;

  • Make a hole in the soil large enough to put the root ball of your pachira Aquatica in. Then fill it in with new potting soil and put rocks around the plant to help it stabilize.
  • Make sure that the roots of your pachira Aquatica are tucked away where they won’t be damaged when you repot it into a larger container. Until you learn how to pot this plant, it is best to let it sit outside until you gain experience and confidence with this plant.
  • Now take a sharp pair of scissors and cut the bark off the top of your pachira Aquatica from top to bottom. Next, make an incision into the old soil where you made a hole in potting soil. Take your new potting soil and fill in around your pachira Aquatica’s roots so they are completely covered with new soil.
  • Now place the pachira Aquatica in its fresh potting mix and water it well until the potting mix is completely moist. Remain calm and accurate while you work on repotting your pachira Aquatica. After you repot it, you can use a water-soluble fertilizer with a balanced formula according to the label’s directions.
  • The next step is to prune your pachira Aquatica. The best time to do this is in early spring before new growth begins and when the plant has been repotted recently. It is also important that your pruning shears are sharp and disinfected before pruning your plants.
  • After all your hard work, your pachira Aquatica should be back in shape and ready to grow big again.
  • Make sure to place your pachira Aquatica in a location that receives plenty of water but not too much sunlight and remember to give it plenty of warmth and humidity. The ideal humidity for them is between 50% – 70%. Just mist the leaves or put the plant on a pebble tray filled with water occasionally for this purpose.
  • If you notice any brown or yellowing of the roots, it is a sign that the water is too cool and there is not enough water in the pot. Add more potting soil or add another layer of gravel to the bottom of your pachira Aquatica’s pot.
  • Pruning your pachira Aquatica will also make it more attractive to look at and earn you more compliments from friends and family members because it will be healthier and bigger.

When Do You Fertilize Your Pachira Aquatica?

Feed a balanced fertilizer at the appropriate time in the growing season. Feed your money tree Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food once a week throughout the summer and once every other week during the fall and winter, when its development slows. It’s better to use a high-nitrogen fertilizer in the spring.

A 12-6-6 fertilizer is sufficient for the plant’s spring development. Do not feed your plant any other fertilizer. You should also change your plant’s water supply during the summer and fall. It is best to change the water once a month. Use distilled or reverse osmosis purified water.

You should also clean the trays or pots you have in your tank. Fertilizing Pachira Aquatica or Money Tree can promote a healthy growth. Too much fertilization can cause the leaves to fall.

To determine when to fertilize your plant, look for new leaf growth in the spring. You should fertilize your pachira Aquatica when new leaves begin to grow. During dormancy, stop fertilizing the plant, but continue to keep the tank clean.

Why Should I Prune Pachira Aquatica?

The main reasons for pruning the pachira Aquatica tree, or any other type of tree, is for size control and shape. Pruning is most effective when done to a young plant because it will not be as hard on the plant itself.

The action of cutting away a branch or portion of the plant inhibits new growth from occurring at that area. However, if pachira Aquatica trees are pruned correctly and in the right areas, there should not be any negative side effects on your plants growth. The following are some of the reasons why Pachira Aquatica should be prune;

To promote growth: 

Pruning Pachira Aquatica will promote new growth. This means that pruning will allow your plant to grow and develop during the growing season. It will also promote quicker development when the plant is in dormancy and will lead to a healthier plant overall, which will in turn result in a larger yield.

To promote shape: 

Pruning Pachira Aquatica controls the size of your tree. These are usually done at around 4 inches above ground level, so pruning is most effective if done within that time frame.

To ensure healthy growth: 

Pruning Pachira Aquatica will also ensure that the plant continues to grow at a healthy rate. Examples of this being winter rest, when the plant is dormant, and spring growth. You can also prune your pachira Aquatica when the plant is suffering from disease or damage. This will help keep your tree safe and healthy overall.

To encourage bushy: 

Pruning your pachira Aquatica can also help to promote bushiness by removing the main stems that are above ground. This will help it develop into a bushier tree, so you can maximize its foliage output. You should prune the top of your tree more than the bottom if you wish to promote bushiness.

To improve air circulation: 

Pruning Pachira Aquatica will help to increase air flow and circulation through the plant. This helps to keep the plant healthy and prevent disease. You should also prune the lower branches of your tree if you wish to increase air circulation.

To discourage pests and diseases: 

Pruning Pachira Aquatica can also discourage pests and diseases, as the plant retains its shape and size better. Also, by keeping the plant shape and size consistent, you can avoid defects such as hollowing. You should prune the top of the plant more than the bottom if you wish to discourage pests and diseases.

To encourage stronger, healthier roots: 

Pruning Pachira Aquatica will help to increase your plant’s root mass and overall health. As a result, it will also promote better air circulation and sun exposure, which helps to improve your plant’s overall development. You should also prune the lower branches of your tree if you wish to encourage stronger, healthier roots.

To discourage leggy: 

Pruning your pachira Aquatica will help to keep it from becoming leggy and will also slow stretching. As a result, pruning will promote healthier growth, without making the plant too top heavy. You should prune your tree as soon as it has reached a height that is around 2 or 3 inches.

Is Pachira Aquatica Easy To Grow?

Pachira Aquatica is extremely versatile, easy to grow and can be grown almost everywhere. The plant can grow on any soil type, in any position and on any side of the tank. It is primarily a low light plant, but will tolerate many brighter locations such as windowsill and patio garden shade.

Pachira Aquatica thrives in indirect sunlight and water, but will also grow well in full sun.  The correct water temperature for Pachira Aquatica is between 60 °F – 85 °F. The best way to maintain this temperature range is to make sure the surface of your tank is not exposed to direct sunlight, as this will make your tank heat up over time.

The soil for this plant is weak in nutrient supply, so it will not thrive when used in soil or a traditional hydroponics setup. It is an air plant and can be grown successfully in bare roots and pots. However, by using the potting mix recommended above, your plant will be able to thrive even in soil.

The humidity level of Pachira Aquatica should be kept between 50% – 70%. The most important factor that needs to be considered when keeping Pachira Aquatica is sunlight, as this will determine whether the plant is indoors or outdoors.

The plant should receive at least a few hours of direct sunlight per day, so it will not get leggy and thin. This will also enhance the photosynthesis and increase the growth of the plant overall.


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