How Do You Take Care For Oxalis Debilis?

How do you take care for Oxalis Debilis?

Oxalis Debilis are very easy to care for. Simply plant them in a container and water. There is no need to fertilize, or prune. If you want larger and stronger plants like the ones seen here, simply plant them two per pot. The following are aspects when caring for Oxalis Debilis;


Oxalis Debilis thrives in full to partial sunlight. It prefers the shade in hot summer days. If you want to grow it in direct sunlight, simply move it to indoors when the weather gets too hot for it. It would do fine in an indoor environment.


Oxalis Debilis likes moist but not wet soil. You can either water them every day, or every other day. Keep in mind though that it is also a good idea to let them dry out in between watering sessions. This will ensure that they don’t drown in the bottom of their pots. Simply sprinkle the soil with water and if needed, let them dry out before you give them more water.


Oxalis Debilis likes a well-drained soil. It does not prefer soggy soil. You can let it dry out in between watering if you want the soil to stay dry. In fact, you should always let the soil dry out a bit before watering it. This will also make sure that there is no root rot or fungal growths within the soil.


Oxalis Debilis are cold hardy but they do not like it too cold. The ideal temperature range is 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not let the soil freeze though because this will kill your plants.


Oxalis Debilis like to be fairly humid. It thrives in an atmosphere of 60 to 70% humidity (with low relative humidity). If you do not want the soil to get too wet, it is better to mist them on a regular basis.


Oxalis Debilis have very strong roots in the pot and can easily survive by absorbing nutrients from the soil. That is why you don’t have to fertilize them if you are going to use the pots for a long period of time.


Oxalis Debilis can be easily repotted once every two years or so. It is best to not make the repot in the same pot you purchased it from because you have no way of knowing if the plant has grown or diminished. You can either use a potting mix or just with soil.


Oxalis Debilis can be propagated by dividing the roots. It prefers to grow in larger containers though. You can do this by taking the pot apart and removing the root ball from underneath. Once you have it, simply plant it in half of a pot and cover it with soil just like you would if you were planting a new plant. Water it well and place it inside a shady location.


For best results, you should prune the Oxalis Debilis only once it becomes a small plant. This is because they will continue to produce new shoots so pruning should be done once they start growing long enough.

Pests and Diseases

Oxalis Debilis is somewhat susceptible to pests and diseases. Snails, or slugs, can be a problem for the plant as they will go after its leaves. You can use a snail exterminator to keep them away but you have to be consistent with its use. You should do this every time you water your plants.

What are the Benefits of Growing Oxalis Debilis?

Oxalis Debilis is an exceptionally beautiful and easy to grow plant. It blooms twelve months out of the year and can also be used in floral arrangements because of its nice fragrance.

The plant also has antimicrobial properties, which means that it can help reduce bacteria on other plants by simply being nearby. If you have a garden, place this in a location where you want to attract bees for pollination purposes and to increase your fruit yield.

This will also give you some additional color in your garden as well as additional produce for harvesting. Oxalis Debilis is also a great ornamental to have in your home because of its fragrance and beauty.

Is Oxalis Debilis invasive?

Oxalis Debilis is not invasive. It stays in the pot you buy it in and it doesn’t spread to other pots, or to your garden. It is not a hardy plant like some of the other ones is, but that is why it stays in the pots. Many people have them indoors and use them for ornamentation. They are great for tables, shelves, and mantles and they can also be used in holiday arrangements.

Another reason to grow this plant is because it doesn’t need a lot of direct sunlight to bloom and survive. It needs to stay in the shade but it can survive in a normal household setting.

Oxalis Debilis is also resistant to blight and doesn’t go dormant during hard times. It needs very little fertilizer and water to grow, so you don’t have to worry about this plant going anywhere while you are at work or away from your home.

It also uses a lot of water, so it won’t hurt the planet if you don’t over water it because it can handle more water than other plants.

Is Oxalis Debilis hardy?

Oxalis Debilis is not very hardy and it won’t survive when the temperature falls below freezing. However, it can tolerate regular winter weather. The only thing you have to worry about is if the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you live in an area where the temperature drops this low then you should cover your plants or bring them indoors. Once they are inside, place them in a sunny location but keep them away from any heat sources such as radiators or central heating systems.

Also remember that this plant does not like cold drafts from air conditioners or open windows so put it away from these locations whenever possible. If you travel during the winter or leave your Oxalis Debilis outdoors, make sure that it is completely covered.

Oxalis Debilis is not hardy when it comes to sub-zero temperatures, which is why you should keep it indoors during the winter months. If that is not a possibility, bring it inside when temperatures fall below freezing and keep it in a sunny location but away from any heat sources. You can also cover it to protect it from cold drafts coming from air conditioners or opened windows.

Is Oxalis Debilis a perennial?

Oxalis Debilis is not a perennial plant and it dies off at the end of every growing season. This means that you have to start with a new one every year to get the same results. However, they are easy to grow and only need a few things in order to keep them alive and well.

You have to make sure that they have enough water, but not too much, as well as sunlight. They will bloom for you all year long if you do this properly and only need repotting once or twice per year.

If you are a beginner at gardening, then this is the plant for you because it is very forgiving. You can make mistakes when growing it and it will still grow for you.

Oxalis Debilis can be planted in soil or a pot with either pumice or no pumice. The soil should be wet but not soggy and should be airy as well as smooth.

It doesn’t need to be in full sun to bloom but will do well in a location that gets some indirect light. In fact, the Oxalis Debilis plant is a great floor plant and will even do well in a pot as an indoor plant.

The flower will last for about three weeks and then die off but don’t worry because it will grow back again and again during the entire year. You can have it indoors or outside; just make sure that you keep up with watering and pruning so that it can grow properly.

How tall do Oxalis Debilis grow?

Oxalis Debilis grows to a height of about 15 centimeters. That is probably not a good height for you to grow it so you will have to find somewhere where it will grow in a pot and not get up too high.

You can put Oxalis Debilis plants indoors, but this is not recommended because they don’t like the cold weather. However, if you bring them indoors with the intention of using them in your home decor, then it is okay to plant one in a container.

Oxalis Debilis will grow in almost any type of soil, but make sure that it is not soggy and can drain properly especially during the winter months. The soil should be normal, not alkaline and it needs to have enough nutrients for your plant to thrive.

The Oxalis Debilis plant is very hardy and can withstand temperatures as low as 36 degrees Fahrenheit. It will also thrive in an environment where humidity levels are higher than normal.

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