How Do You Take Care Of A Tradescantia Mundula?

How do you take care of a Tradescantia Mundula?

The Tradescantia Mundula is a very hardy plant that can be found in many different habitats. Luckily, this makes it easy for you as a gardener to care for the plant. The following are factors when caring;


Tradescantia Mundula grow fairly well in full sun conditions. If you have a sunny window, try to make that part of your plant’s home. You may be at risk of burning the plant if you put it directly under the window or door.

You may also want to consider a half-shade position for your plant in order to help keep your plant as cool as possible during the summer and warm as much as possible during the winter.


Tradescantia Mundula need a fair amount of water. You may want to place your plant in a planter with a good flow of water running through it. If you do so, you may want to bring this water into the house in order to take care of the plant when it’s not outside.


Tradescantia Mundula will grow just fine in low humidity areas such as bathrooms or on patios with no direct sunlight. However, in order to give the plant its best chance at survival, it is recommended that you place your Tradescantia Mundula in a humid room or area. Also try misting your Tradescantia Mundula frequently.


The Tradescantia Mundula will grow better in cooler temperatures. While the plant can withstand the cold, it is recommended that you keep your Tradescantia Mundula above -13 degrees Celsius.


Tradescantia Mundula should be repotted every 2 years. When repotting, you should do so in early spring. You should make sure that the plant is not placed into too large of a pot. If you do so, the plant will get to big for the pot before it is fully grown and may turn brown from drying out. When repotting, remember to remove all dead leaves from the bottom of the plant.


Tradescantia Mundula are propagated by cuttings that are rooted right away. You can use a sharp knife to make a small nick in the base and insert a cutting. To do so, make sure that you keep the cutting in water as you do this process. Make sure to keep the cutting moist as you move it around with your fingers.


You should fertilize Tradescantia Mundula every two weeks with a diluted solution of fish emulsion. You also should be doing a good job of watering your plant in order to allow the plant to absorb the fertilizer.

Pests and Diseases

Some common pests that can harm your Tradescantia Mundula include Spider Mites and Aphids. If you see any signs of these pests, you can spray the plant with an insecticide that is safe for the air or use lady bugs to eat them up.


Tradescantia Mundula should be pruned lightly in early spring. You do not want to prune the plant too much or you will affect the growth of your plant. You can cut off any unwanted plants and spread these cuttings around in the soil.

How big does a Tradescantia Mundula get?

The Tradescantia Mundula will grow to around 16 inches tall and will spread out to around 2 feet wide. However, you may want to prune the plant a little bit in order to keep it in this size range because the plant likes to grow very tall.

Tradescantia Mundula will not bloom on the same year they are planted. Tradescantia Mundula will flower from year two and on.

You should expect a Tradescantia Mundula to live for about two years. If you keep the plant in good condition, it may live for up to three and even four years.

How much light does a Tradescantia Mundula need?

The Tradescantia Mundula loves sunlight so it’s recommended that you place your plant as close as possible to a sunny window. Tradescantia Mundula also grows in partial shade as long as there are no direct suns.

However, if you do not give it enough water, the stems may become brittle and split and the leaves may dry out. Tradescantia Mundula will thrive in a humid room or area as long as there is no direct sunlight on the plant.

How much water does a Tradescantia Mundula need?

Tradescantia Mundula need a fair amount of water. You may want to place your plant in your garden and make sure it has plenty of water flowing through it in all seasons.

In the winter, you should consider watering your plant in order to keep the plant from dying. Tradescantia Mundula will grow very well during the winter season. Tradescantia Mundula will also grow with a little less water in the spring and summer.

However, Tradescantia Mundula will not thrive in a dehydrated state during the winter or the summer. If your Tradescantia Mundula does not have enough water, it may become brown and crispy looking which is very unattractive.

Tradescantia Mundula will usually last for 2 years. Keep your plant good by giving it as much water as you can.

How do you propagate Tradescantia Mundula?

Tradescantia Mundula can be propagated through cuttings. To do so, make a small nick in the leaves of the plant and place a cutting in water. Keep this cutting moist as you move it around with your fingers. Once you have newborn plants, trim off any branches that are not needed. When trimming the cuttings, make sure to only cut off one side of the stem so that they will be able to attach their roots to the soil.

It is recommended that you replant the cuttings in the soil and place them somewhere they are not disturbed by water flow. You can also take your cuttings and place them in around two inches of water.

You should expect all of your cuttings to root within a few weeks if you do this process correctly. This process usually takes about one month for all plants to be grown.

How can you identify Tradescantia Mundula?

Tradescantia Mundula have beautiful bright yellow flowers and green leaves. The flowers will usually bloom in mid spring. When the flower blooms, it will emit a sweet scent and there will also be some nectar on the flower.

The height of the plant is around 1.5 meters and the plant has dark green leaves and a thick stem. The stems are usually covered in soft hairs and the flowers are usually yellow with a green ring at their center.

The flowers usually develop into small seed pods which contain light brown seeds that resemble a sunflower.

The leaf of Tradescantia Mundula is long, narrow, pointed and has parallel veining on it. The leaves will have a coating of fine hair on it. The leaves are green in color and may be densely packed together on the stem.

The flowers of Tradescantia Mundula are very unique looking and have a lot of detailing to them. The centers of the flowers will have 5 petals and yellow stamens sticking out from the center.

There are many other cultivars that look like Tradescantia Mundula which makes it very hard to identify the plant by looking at it in person.

How do you prune a Tradescantia Mundula?

You should prune a Tradescantia Mundula in the spring season. You don’t want to prune a Tradescantia Mundula too much or you will have problems with the growth of your plant.

Pruning the plant is important because it helps reduce the size of your plant if it gets too big and it will help to spread out your plant.

If you have unwanted plants on your stem that are not needed, simply cut them off and place them in the ground around the stem if they are not damaged too much.

Tradescantia Mundula will usually flower in the year two and on. You may want to prune the plant a little after they have bloomed because they will start to grow very vigorously. However, make sure to leave enough leaves on the plant so that it can continue its growth.

To prune your Tradescantia Mundula, you can simply use pruning scissors and cut off any unwanted parts of the plant. You can also prune your plant by cutting off some of the stems and then removing most of the leaves from the stem.

How often should you prune a Tradescantia Mundula?

You should prune your Tradescantia Mundula on a regular basis in order to keep it at the size you want. Most people cut their Tradescantia Mundula every year in spring and this is usually not necessary.

If you do prune your plant every year, make sure that you leave plenty of leaves on the stem so that it may continue to grow. If you prune your Tradescantia Mundula too much, your plant may not survive and it will die.

The Tradescantia Mundula is a hardy plant that is great for beginners. The plant can be grown indoors or outdoors in order to add some beauty to your home or garden area.

The plant can be a great conversation piece among your family and friends. The plant is a great addition to any garden area because it is easy to grow!

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