How Do You Take Care Of Aralia Fabian?

How Do You Take Care Of Aralia Fabian?

Aralia Fabian is relatively easy to care for. It requires little to no maintenance and is drought tolerant. Aralia Fabian requires indirect but bright sunlight. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves, creating brown patches and withering.

On the other hand, a gloomy location will cause the leaves to yellow and drop. It is recommended to place your Aralia Fabian in an east or west-facing room.  They prefer moist, well-drained humus-rich soil but can survive with sandy or rocky soil. The following are the factors to consider when caring for Aralia Fabian;


Aralia Fabian should be watered about once a week. During the summer, keep it watered well so that the soil does not dry out completely. During winter, when the plant is dormant, the soil should be allowed to dry out between watering.

If the top layer of soil feels dry, give your Aralia Fabian a short drink. To water your Aralia Fabian, make sure that the soil has completely absorbed the water and that no excess water has run out of the pot’s drainage hole.


Aralia Fabian prefers well-draining cactus soil for best growth. Pumice and perlite can aid in drainage and prevent the soil from becoming too wet for too long. While they do not mind the odd application of fertilizer in the summer, overly fertile soil will leave them looking a bit unkempt.

The soil should be moist but not soggy. As the soil dries, your Aralia Fabian might drop leaves. When watering, it is best to ensure that the soaking shoots do not root into wet soil and cause the roots to rot.


Aralia Fabian can grow in sunlight or shade, just like most succulents. They do best when left in bright indirect sunlight. However, if you want to get a green hue, it is important to keep them out of direct sunlight for about six hours a day.

Direct sunlight will burn the leaves, creating brown patches and withering. On the other hand, a gloomy location will cause the leaves to yellow and drop. It recommends placing your Aralia Fabian in an east or west-facing room.


Aralia Fabian prefers temperatures ranging from 65°F to 80°F (18°C to 27°C). Most houses, regardless of season, fall between these ranges. If the humidity is high enough, a little extra heat should be alright, but avoid exposing your Aralia to temps below 60 °F (15 °C), especially at night.

In the winter, Aralia will go into a state of dormancy. Leaves turn brown, defoliate and drop off. Roots and stems become woody and dense. Aralia does not require any special care during this period but should not be subjected to cold for extended periods.


Aralia Fabian is a tropical plant that thrives in moderate to high humidity. Consider purchasing a humidifier, pebble tray, or just regularly sprinkling your plant with room temperature water to improve humidity. If swallowed, this plant is harmful to pets, therefore exercise caution when relocating your Aralia Fabian.


Fertilize your Fabian aralia once a month from early spring to late fall. The fertilizer regimen for an indoor potted plant and an outdoor plant should be the same. In place of irrigation water, combine the required amount of fertilizer into 1 gallon of water.

Use the fertilizer in a water bottle or spray bottle and drench the soil. Then mix the fertilizer with the water thoroughly and apply it to the entire pot. Afterward, mist your plant with clean water until it becomes saturated. Continue this process twice a week for about 3 weeks to continue getting full growth out of your Aralia Fabian.


Aralia Fabian is easy to propagate by seeds, stem cutting, and division. If you’re feeling daring, you can try propagating from stem cuttings. To get started with cuttings, use a sharp knife to make a single-point cutting. Next, place the cutting in a tray filled with gravel and water until it is soft.

Use a pencil to score the base of the cutting, which will lift it. Immediately after this process, but you’re cutting into a container filled with moistened sphagnum moss (keep the moss damp at all times) and cover the container with plastic wrap.


Aralia Fabian should be repotted every three years in the spring, using a ‘Houseplant’ labeled compost and the next bigger pot with proper drainage. When your Aralia Fabian Stump has outgrown its current pot, repot it to a pot one size larger. Aralia Fabian Stump is perennial, thus you just need to fertilize it every three years. To repot, prepare the potting mix as directed above, transplant the plant to the new container, and thoroughly water it.


Aralia Fabian doesn’t require much pruning, although it’s ideal to give it a cut in the spring. Pinch off the leaves to encourage branching on the sides of your Aralia Fabian if you want it to grow bushy. Remove any single leaves that are growing straight on the trunk.

Aralia Fabian is relatively easy to grow but is susceptible to a few pests and diseases. You should inspect your plant regularly for any signs of pests or disease. The most common problem with this plant is aphids. Remove the affected leaves immediately so as not to spread them to other leaves and branches.

Pests and Diseases:

Aralia Fabian is susceptible to a few pests and diseases. The most common pest you will come across is aphids. They can build up to large numbers on your plant, causing it to lose leaves or even die. If you see honeydew (scale) emerging from the stem, this is the sign of an aphid infestation.

You can easily identify an aphid infestation by its sweet, sticky excrement, which coats and blackens your leaves and can promote the growth of fungus, resulting in the dieback of your Aralia Fabian.

Why Is My Fabian Aralia Dropping Leaves?

The most typical issue you may experience with Aralia Fabian is a rapid and profuse leaf drop. This is typically the result of an improper watering schedule, insufficient light, or low humidity levels. Winter is the perfect time to see that Aralia Fabian loses its lower leaves. The following are the reason why Aralia Fabian leaves are dropping;


A common reason for dropping Aralia Fabian leaves is the over-watering of your plant. Your Fabian Aralia Stump will drop leaves if it is not exposed to sufficient light. If you notice that your Fabian Aralia Stump is dropping its lower leaves, put it in a shaded area and check how it looks later.

You should not over-water your Fabian Aralia Stump since it needs moist soil but not only that, moist well-draining soil is what it requires.

If your Fabian Aralia Stump is overwatered, don’t be alarmed. Simply remove excess water and replace the lower leaves that have fallen off. You should also ensure your Aralia Fabian Stump has proper airflow. If it’s too dry, watch out for possible root rot issues.

Excess sunlight:

Another reason why your Fabian Aralia Stump has dropped its lower leaves is too much light. Make sure the area that you have chosen for your Aralia Fabian Stump has sufficient light, but not too much light. It is recommended to give your Fabian Aralia Stump bright, indirect light.

When it does not get adequate light, it will drop the plant’s lower leaves. You should check it and see if the plant has significantly reduced leaves left on its roots.

Excess fertilizing:

Another common reason for dropping leaves in the Fabian Aralia Stump is overfeeding. For your Aralia Fabian to grow properly and flourish, it must be given enough nutrients, but not too many. Excess fertilizing will cause more harm than good for your Fabian Aralia Stump.

When you notice that your Fabian Aralia Stump has dropped a lot of leaves on its own, it means that it is trying to tell you something; so pay attention to what your plant is trying to tell you.


Another common reason for dropping leaves in the Aralia Fabian Stump is the lack of water. Although the root zone must always be moist, the topsoil should not stay wet. The soil should be kept moist but not wet. So you have to check it before watering it.

If there is already a lot of water then don’t water your plant again, but if there is no water on the soil then you have to keep watering it until there is already some water or until they are out of water.


Another reason why Aralia Fabian Stump has dropped its leaves is under-potting. When you notice that there is no water in the soil anymore and the upper part of the Aralia Fabian Stump is slightly wilted, then it means that your plant does not have enough proper root room. You should repot your plant into a wider pot with a moist but well-draining potting mix.

Poor air circulation:

Another reason for dropping Aralia Fabian’s leaves is poor air circulation. If your Fabian Aralia Stump has pale green color or yellowing with brown tips, then it means there is a problem with the air circulation in your house. Try clearing a path for better ventilation.

You should also check if the pot you have chosen for your Aralia Fabian Stump is too big for it. If it is, then you can move it to a smaller pot.

Poor drainage:

Another reason why Aralia Fabian Stump has dropped its leaves is the lack of proper drainage. There should be good drainage in the potting soil. If there is not enough drainage, you have to use an amended potting soil with enough drainage.

You should also add some drainage material to the bottom of your pot before putting a layer of potting soil. Otherwise, you can use stones or broken pots to provide extra drainage.

Low temperature:

Another reason why Aralia Fabian Stump is dropping its leaves is too low temperature. If you’re Fabian Aralia Stump has its leaves turning brown, faded, and falling off, it means that the temperature in your house is too low. Try to turn the heat up or use something to help keep warm.

You should also ensure that you are watering your plant regularly since if there is not enough water, they will lose their leaves.

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