Philodendron Birkin Light Requirements

Philodendron Birkin Light Requirements

Philodendron Birkin requires just a certain amount of sunshine throughout the day. Overexposure to direct sunlight causes the plant to wither and perish. A day’s light needs for philodendrons are just around 12 hours of bright indirect light.

Aside from that, keep your plant in the shade. Philodendron birkin light requirements vary depending on the species of philodendron. Most philodendrons do well in medium to low light, but some species need brighter light to thrive.

Can a philodendron Birkin tolerate low light?

When it comes to light needs, the Philodendron Birkin is the ideal indoor plant. It does not like to be in a low-light environment, but it also does not want to be in direct sunshine.

You may, however, use it in any other form of light exposure.

What kind of light does a philodendron need?

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