Why Is My Agave Americana Cv. Mediopicta Alba Not Growing?

Why Is My Agave Americana Cv. Mediopicta Alba Not Growing?

There are many factors that can cause your plant to not grow. Common causes of no growth include:

Too Small Pot

When you are attempting to grow a succulent that is a size of Agave americana cv. Mediopicta Alba, it is important to use a pot that is at least bigger than the size of your plant. Small pots restrict the plant from growing properly and can stunt the growth of your plant.

Poor Sunlight

The Agave Americana prefers full sun exposure, this is why they are commonly found in Mexico and other desert areas.

However, that doesn’t mean they can’t grow in indirect sunlight. If you are trying to grow an Agave Americana indoors, make sure that it receives sufficient amounts of natural light, otherwise it will not be able to grow properly.

Too Low Temperatures

If you are trying to grow an Agave Americana indoors, make sure that your house is warm enough for it to grow. They require warm temperatures in order to grow properly, otherwise the plant will not be able to thrive.


Your soil should never be too moist because if it is, the plant will not grow properly. If the soil is too wet, the roots of your plant may rot and kill it, causing the plant to die.

Poor Soil Drainage

This is also a common cause of your plant not growing because the roots will rot and kill it, causing the plant to die.

When using potting soil, make sure that it has adequate drainage which allows the water to drain through quickly without slowing down or damaging your plant.

Too Long Soil Dryness

Make sure not to let the soil dry out for too long because the roots will stop growing, restricting the plant from growing properly. This can also cause the plant to die and not grow at all.

Too Much Fertilizer

Agave americana cv. Mediopicta Alba is a very forgiving plant and will look great almost straight from seed, but as it grows, you may notice that it does need some fertilization. However, too much fertilizer will stunt the growth of your plant and damage the roots.


My Agave americana cv. Mediopicta Alba may not be growing because of dormancy, this is when your plant stops blooming and grows no new leaves in the winter months. Dormancy is when your plant is in state of rest.

How To Grow Agave Americana Cv. Mediopicta Alba From Seeds?

Prepare The Growing Container

If your planting pots are not brand new, properly wash them and let them dry in the sun for a day or two before you begin.

Remember that pots must drain effectively, so drill holes in the bottom as needed before planting.

Prepare The Starting Medium

Make a 50-50 mixture of sharp sand, pumice, or perlite with vermiculite, sphagnum moss, or coco coir for your seed starting media.

Bake the soil mix for 30 minutes at 350° Fahrenheit to disinfect it. You may also use a commercially prepared, sterilized seed starting mix if you like.

Fill Containers

Fill your disinfected planting pots with the mix.

Sow Agave Seeds

Scatter the seeds over the surface of the mixture and either leave them completely exposed or sprinkle a little amount of sterilized sand over them to anchor them in place.

Because most agave seeds require sunshine to develop, do not completely cover the seed.

Fill Drip Trays

Fill your drip trays halfway with warm, distilled, or sterilized water and submerge the planting pots. Remove the containers from the drip trays when the top of the soil is damp and let them to drain.

Cover With Plastic Bag

Cover your planting containers with plastic wrap or put each one within a transparent plastic bag once the excess moisture has been drained. This will aid in maintaining regular moisture levels throughout germination.

Maintain Consistent Temperature

Maintain your ambitious agave plants in a consistently warm (65°-70°F) location with lots of bright, indirect light.

Within 14-21 days, you should notice some young sprouts. When the seedlings emerge, the plastic should be removed.

Water Sparingly

Water only a couple of times per week. You want to keep the soil wet but not saturated. Watering with a spray bottle helps to minimize seedling and seedling displacement.

Transfer Seedlings

When your seedlings have 2-3 leaves, carefully transfer them to their own container. Plant the seedlings in the garden afterwards.

Is Agave Americana Cv. Mediopicta Alba A Cactus?

Agave americana Mediopicta Alba is a rosette succulent plant that grows alone or slowly clusters.

It may thrive for several decades and can reach a height of 4 feet (120cm) and a circumference of 6 feet (180cm). These plants have only been cultivated.

Agave americana Mediopicta Alba is a plant with short, lanceolate, somewhat arched leaves.

The leaves are variegated with a white to cream-colored central wide stripe along the middle and strong blue-gray spines.

The leaves feature a lengthy terminal spine as well.

Can Agave Americana Cv. Mediopicta Alba Be Hydroponically Grown?

In a warm atmosphere, the century plant Mediopicta Alba may be cultivated hydroponically.

After disinfecting the plant, immerse the base in a rooting solution for the specified amount of time.

After that, choose a suitably sized glass bottle and firmly set the plant in the planting container.

Keep in mind that the plant’s base must be inserted into the center of the planting container.

Water can be put in near to the base of the plant in the early stages before roots. Water may be put into half of the glass bottle once it has been rooted.

How Do Overwinter Agave Americana Cv. Mediopicta Alba?

Agave americana cv. Mediopicta Alba go dormant on winter seasons.

The following are ways to overwinter agave americana:

  • Select the area with care. Northern exposures, low locations, and areas below roof drainage should be avoided.
  • Provide wind protection for plants. Plant agaves near a dense wind barrier or cover firmly for the winter where strong wind is usual.
  • Agaves must be kept indoors throughout the winter if growing outside of their hardiness zones. Bring them in before there is a chance of frost in the forecast.
  • Keep the container near your brightest window and out in the way of any chilly drafts.
  • Throughout the winter, water sparingly. Watering only enough to keep the leaves lush is a good rule of thumb.

Do Agave Americana Cv. Mediopicta Alba Like To Be Misted?

Moreover, most agaves prefer a climate with low humidity. High humidity can lead to crown rot on the plant.

Misting is not crucial to Agave americana cv. Mediopicta Alba, but it can be beneficial. If your plant is outside, or in any area where it is exposed to too low humidity, misting may be beneficial as it will prevent the leaf from becoming deformed from moisture.

Misting also relieves the plant of some harmful insects and creates a good environment for the root system to grow.

However, misting should not occur every day or too frequently. Misting can lead to a build-up of water on leaf surfaces that may result in unsightly brown spots.

What Are The Pests That Attack Agave Americana Cv. Mediopicta Alba?

These plants are typically resistant to most pests and illnesses. However, keep an eye out for the agave snout weevil, which looks like a beetle and can lay eggs on this plant, causing it to collapse over time.

Pests can attack agave americana cv. Mediopicta Alba.

These pests are typically found on the surface of the leaves or on the flowers. Mites often cause deformation and if allowed to spread will eventually lead to plant death. Mealybugs may spread disease if present in large numbers.

Spraying your plants with neem oil may be an effective way of eradicating these pests.

What Is The Ideal Light For Agave Americana Cv. Mediopicta Alba?

However, because agaves require so much light to thrive, they cannot be placed in dark corners or deep shelves.

As they are tolerant to low light conditions, they can grow in shaded areas. However, their growth will be stunted and the leaf variegation will begin to fade.

If you want to grow your agaves in a shaded area, do so near a large enough window that gets direct sunlight for at least a few hours per day.

Agave americana Mediopicta Alba requires intense sunshine, therefore position it in a south or southeast window.

In the summer, you may relocate it to an open balcony or patio to get some sun. If your apartment’s windows face north, northwest, or west, the plant will require specific illumination from a grow lamp.

You may also offer them with some shade during the day because too much sunlight might burn them.

Is Agave Americana Cv. Mediopicta Alba Deer Resistant?

Agave americana cv. Mediopicta Alba can be a deer resistant plant. The agave Americana cv. Mediopicta Alba is low-maintenance but not the easiest to grow due to its nature.

The agave Americana cv. Mediopicta Alba is a very common succulent used as an ornamental as well as a traditional vase, pot planter and even a house plant.

Agave Americana cv. Mediopicta Alba is a traditional pot planter and house plant.

The price of this extremely popular cultivar can be attributed to the fact that it grows and reproduces at a slower rate than the common blue-gray species plant and has a tendency to perform less well overall.

They thrive in areas that receive either full sun or partial shade.

During the winter, you should only need to water this plant once every one to two months. It is not necessary to spray the leaves with water.

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