Why My Echeveria Lola Leaves Are Curling?

Why My Echeveria Lola Leaves Are Curling?

The common reasons for Echeveria Lola leaves are curling is when the plant is exposed to direct sun, the leaves may begin to curl. This happens because the plant is trying to give more moisture to the new leaves and it may also be trying to protect itself from sun damage.

When you keep your Echeveria Lola in low light conditions, it will stay upright and not curl. You should avoid watering your Echeveria Lola when it is sunny because if you do this, the leaves could burn or get damaged. The following are the reasons why Echeveria Lola leaves are curling;

Too much light:

When your Echeveria Lola has too much light, it will curling. When leaves are exposed to direct sun, they may burn so your plant will become more active, which can cause the leaves to curl. You should give your Echeveria Lola adequate light exposure and not allow it to sit in front of a window that is near a strong light source.

You should instead put it in a spot that is in front of a shaded window. If your Echeveria Lola is near a strong light source, place it where it gets several hours of sunlight and then move it to another area with less sun for the remainder of the day.

Too much water:

When you’re Echeveria Lola is exposed to too much water, it will begin to curl. You may think this plant does not need water, but that is not true. It needs to be watered regularly, about once a week, and if you don’t give it enough water it will begin to curl.

If you do not want your Echeveria Lola to curl from over watering, you should never let the soil get completely dry before watering again. You should also keep in mind that it does not like to sit in water, so it should only be watered when the soil feels completely dry.

Too much fertilizers:

When you over fertilize your Echeveria Lola, it may begin to curl. You should only use fertilizer every two weeks, starting in spring and ending in fall. During winter season, you should use a quarter of the recommended amount once a month.

It is essential to keep the soil moist but do not let it sit in water. You should also avoid using chemical fertilizers that can burn the stems or leaves of your plant.

Too little water:

When the roots of your Echeveria Lola are not getting enough water, it may begin to curl. If you leave your plant in a place that has low light and the soil is dry, the leaves may curl from lack of moisture. When you feel the leaves of your Echeveria Lola and they are dry, watering them will make them uncurl. You should water these plants when they are wilted because they need to be watered as soon as possible when they are not getting enough water.

Too little light:

When the roots of your Echeveria Lola are not getting enough light, the leaves may begin to curl. When there is very little sun in your home, it will cause your plant to move more out of necessity. This movement causes the leaves to curl up into an umbrella shape. Since this plant prefers bright, indirect sunlight for most of the year and low light for about two months a year, you should place it in a spot with bright but indirect light all year round.

Too little fertilizers:

When your Echeveria Lola does not get enough fertilizer, it may begin to curl. You should use a balanced fertilizer once a month in spring and summer and only once every two weeks in winter. The soil should feel dry, but not be completely dry before watering it again. You should also avoid using fertilizer that contain nitrogen, which could damage the leaves of your plant.

Improper drainage:

When your Echeveria Lola does not have proper drainage, the leaves may begin to curl. The best drainage will always be around the crown of the plant but if you put soil around that area, it will stop it from draining and this could cause the leaves to curl. Proper drainage is essential for healthy plants so you should avoid putting soil around the crown of your Echeveria Lola.

Improper repotting:

Repotting your Echeveria Lola may cause the leaves to begin to curl. If you repot the plant and it is in too small of a pot, the roots will begin to grow into the air and this could cause the leaves to curl up. You can solve this problem by watering your plant well before repotting it. You should also make sure that when you repot your plant, you do not put it in a pot that is too small.

Improper temperature:

When your Echeveria Lola is exposed to too much or too little temperature, they may begin to curl. If you put them in a drafty area or near a source of heat that is direct and strong, the leaves may begin to curl up. You should keep them away from heaters so the foliage will be less likely to curl.

Is Echeveria Lola Easy To Care For?

Echeveria Lola is a very simple plant to grow and maintain. If you keep your plant in a place where they are receiving regular sunlight and sufficient water, they should not need any other type of care and will thrive very easily in their natural environment. It likes to dry out once the winter season sets in, but during spring and summer it should be watered regularly and at least once a week.

You can also transplant your Echeveria Lola into a different pot if it starts growing more than one Echeveria Lola on the same pot, this way you will have more plants to grow. If you are growing them indoors, you will want to pick a spot for them that gets bright but indirect sunlight.

You should also place them in a pot that has drainage holes, so that the drainage around the plant will be good. You should also be careful when watering it so as not to water it too often. When the plant is not getting enough light, it will usually curl up when watered.

If you do this, you can still water it because all you need to do is mist the leaves enough to moisten them and then wait until they are dry before watering again. The soil should always be dry, but be careful not to let it get too dry or the leaves will curl up. If you want to know if it still needs water, you can stick your finger in the soil and if it feels wet, it does not need any water.

What Are The Benefits Of Growing Echeveria Lola?

The benefits of growing Echeveria Lola are that it is very easy to grow and maintain, it comes in a variety of colors, and it can be an attractive weed control solution. The plant has long lasting flowers that bloom all year round.

This can make for some beautiful color in your garden or on your porch if you have a container where you can keep your Echeveria Lola. The are some of the benefits of growing Echeveria Lola;

Easy to care for:

Echeveria Lola is an easy plant to grow and maintain because it does well in most environments. They like both full sunlight and partial sunlight, and usually do not require any type of special care. The only time you will need to take special care when growing Echeveria Lola is if they don’t receive enough water or they are not getting enough fertilizer. You should be careful not to water it too often, but if you do, remember to leave it dry for a few hours before watering.

Easy to propagate:

Echeveria Lola is very easy to propagate and you can even propagate them from cuttings taken from your plants. You can also propagate Echeveria Lola from seeds that you purchase at most nurseries, but most plants will not come true when propagated this way. The only way to ensure that the plant comes true is by propagating the plant from cuttings or by purchasing them in a nursery.


Echeveria Lola is an attractive plant with long lasting flowers. You can grow them in a pot or you can even transplant them into the outdoors. The leaves of Echeveria Lola are long and narrow and they come in a number of different colors, making it very easy to match your garden décor.

You should be aware that Echeveria Lola is not a very common plant and they are hard to find in nurseries, but you can grow your own, which is especially nice because then you will not have to worry about having them stolen by thieves.

Source of medicine:

The leaves of Echeveria Lola are also used to treat a number of different ailments such as fever, sores and other health conditions. They can be used as a source of pain relief, or they can also be used to cleanse the blood when you take them with water.

Source of raw materials:

The leaves of Echeveria Lola are also used to produce different types of raw materials such as paper, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and even biodegradable plastics. They have a number of industrial uses and they can also be used in something as simple as making a hand fan to cool yourself off from the heat.

Source of food supplements:

Echeveria Lola is also a source of a number of food supplements and vitamins. The leaves of the plant can be used to help treat different problems such as bronchitis, skin problems, and even gout. If you have an ailment that needs a supplement, you can use Echeveria Lola to help you get well again, or you can use it as an alternative to other supplements that are used to help with conditions such as bronchitis and arteriosclerosis.


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