Why My Pachira Aquatica Is Not Growing?

Why My Pachira Aquatica Is Not Growing?

The common reasons why Pachira Aquatica is not growing include improper care, poor growing conditions, over- or under-watering and incorrect location.

You should redirect your efforts from getting rid of unwanted plant to growing it in the right place and providing it with perfect care. The following are some reasons that causes Pachira Aquatica not to grow;

Improper watering:

Improper watering leads to the plant which is not growing. If your plant is in the wrong place, then it will not be able to grow properly.

You should also make sure that your plant does not get too much or too little water, otherwise it will begin to die. The best way to water your Pachira Aquatica is by providing it with water from its leaves, which will then absorb the moisture into its roots. The best way to tell if your plant needs water or not is by checking for moisture in the soil.

Improper sunlight:

Improper sunlight leads to the plant which is not growing. If your plant does not get enough sunlight, then it will not be able to grow properly. Therefore, you should make sure that the sunlight is not too strong and do not place your plant near a window or skylight that is lit at night.

You should also make sure that your plant is not in the shade, because it will only grow to a certain height. The best place to keep your Pachira Aquatica is in a well-lit area such as under a fluorescent light.

Improper fertilizing:

Improper fertilizing leads to the plant which is not growing. You need to check your plant on a weekly basis, because once you see new leaf buds, it means that your plant is ready for fertilizing. Improper fertilizing can lead to the failure of converting nitrates into protein.

During this conversion process, you will notice overproduction of succulent roots and loss of nitrogen in form of leaves. Therefore, it’s best to just fertilize your Pachira Aquatica using an organic fertilizer on a regular basis.

Improper pruning:

Improper pruning will lead to the plant which is not growing. The best way to prune your plant is by using a pair of scissors. You should make sure that you do not over-do it, because this can lead to the death of your Pachira Aquatica.

Over-pruning can cause your plant a hormonal imbalance and even burnt leaves. You should keep your Pachira Aquatica in a small pot and keep it in the shade.

Improper location:

Improper location leads to the plant which is not growing. If you notice that your plant does not seem to be growing, then you need to check out its location. You should move your plant closer to the window or skylight or away from a draft of cold air. You should also make sure that the location of your plant is near an open window.

Improper repotting:

Improper repotting will lead to the plant which is not growing. You need to repot your Pachira Aquatica only when it shows signs of decline.

The best way of pruning your plant is by cutting off some branches and then putting them in water for a few days. The new growths after a few days should be cut off and repotted, otherwise the roots of the plants will remain in the pot forever.

Improper temperature:

Improper temperature leads to the plant which is not growing. The best way to ensure that your plant is not getting too much or too little temperature is by taking it indoors during winter and keeping it outside during summer.

You should also make sure that your plant is kept in a place where temperatures do not drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit and rise above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Improper drainage:

Improper drainage leads to the plant which is not growing. You should make sure that your plant does not fall into a puddle or run-off water of stagnant water. The best way to keep your Pachira Aquatica well-drained is by placing it in a pot with drainage holes and providing it with water from its leaves.

You should also make sure that the pot is not filled all the way to the top with soil, otherwise it will take a lot of water to drain.

Improper air circulation:

Improper air circulation will lead to the plant which is not growing. You should make sure that you provide adequate air circulation by not placing your Pachira Aquatica in a closed room. You should also apply some kind of fertilizer or spray into the soil to improve the ventilation of your yard or home.

How Do You Overwinter Pachira Aquatica?

The Pachira Aquatica can be easily overwintered by keeping the roots in a plastic bag in a cool and dark place with moderate temperatures. Allow it to overwinter at room temperature. This should not be below 50 F (10 C), at least not for an extended period of time.

Provide enough light and humidity. Pour very little water in the winter since the plant stops developing due to the reduction in temperature. Pachira aquatica need temperatures over 60 degrees Fahrenheit to exist and grow.

Depending on your climatic zone, you may keep it indoors or outside as long as temperatures do not go below 60 degrees. However, because it hibernates, your plant will require a little lower temperature in the winter. The following are some of the ways to overwinter Pachira Aquatica;

Burying/ mulching:

You can bury the plant or mulch it, depending on your climate. Burying or covering pachira aquatica during winter will give it a chance to hibernate without any stress and also keep it safe from frost damage.

Overwintering pachira aquatica in burlap sacks is one of the best ways to overwinter it. You can put pachira aquarium plants into burlap bags and place them in a cold storage for about 3 months, about 6 weeks before the winter season (fall/autumn).

Store in basement or garage:

Because winter is the coldest season, you can cut pachira aquatica plants with potting mix into 10 to 12 inch sections. Then store the root pieces in plastic bags. You can store your pachira aquatica in your basement or garage and use them as starter root cuttings for next spring. You can overwinter the pachira aquatica by storing its soil in pots with peat moss and fir bark mulch.

Cold frame:

You can keep your pachira aquatica in a cold frame during winter time. A cold frame is an artificial structure covered with glass to protect plants from weather. With proper design and temperature control, the frame can maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for pachira aquatica throughout winter.

In aquarium:

Another way to overwinter pachira aquatica is to keep it in an aquarium with a heater that keeps it warm throughout the winter season. You can place the leaves and pieces of pachira aquatica in a plastic bag to keep it warm in a container with soil and nutrients during winter. Make sure to give it enough water as well.

Bring indoors:

You can bring pachira aquatica indoors during winter. However, it is important to keep the temperature between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit and provide enough light and humidity. You should fertilize it during spring or summer.


A cloche is a dome-shaped structure that is used to keep plants at a constant temperature. It is also called as a cold frame. As you can see, pachira aquatica can be overwintered by using some of these methods.

The most viable option for growing pachira Aquatica Indoor is the use of cloche if your climate supports it. However, make sure to check the temperature and humidity levels before you place your plant inside the cloche to avoid ruining it.

To keep your pachira aquatica in a cloche, you should fill it with water and then place the pot in another container filled with soil filled loosely. This way, your pachira aquatica will not be exposed to direct sunlight, thus protecting it from losing moisture and freezing during winter.

How Often Should I Water Pachira Aquatica?

Pachira Aquatica is a tropical plant that thrives on water. It requires around 1-2 inches of water per week and prefers a nice soak (but not standing in water) over regular spraying. To keep the leaves from becoming yellow, use warm water rather than cold.

To avoid root rot, don’t allow the soil fully dry up between watering sessions, and make sure you’re watering appropriately.

This plant thrives from a gentle watering once or twice a week, but it requires more water during the hot summer months. Overwatering will occur if you water this plant more than once per week. This might result in root rot and leaf discoloration.

Pachira Aquatica is a tropical plant, so it requires moist air and soil to grow well. However, you should not over-water your pachira aquatica because this might cause root rot, browning and illness in your plant structure. Water your Pachira Aquatica early in the morning or late at night, especially just after the leaves have dried.

Make sure not to entirely submerge the Pachira Aquatica in water if you want it to live for a long time. You may occasionally detect dark stains on the leaves of your tree if it has been overwatered. Water Pachira Aquatica with room temperature water.

If you must use warm water, do it in the early morning or late at night when the plant is dormant. When watering your Pachira Aquatica, do gently and in little amounts. This method of watering protects the roots from being exposed to cold temperatures or from being burned when they are heated. Allowing the pot to sit in a tray of standing water will result in root rot as well as stem and root rot.

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