Can You Keep Aeonium Irish Bouquet Indoors?

Can You Keep Aeonium Irish Bouquet Indoors?

Aeonium ‘Irish Bouquet’ is an exceptionally dense and compact small sub-shrub. It branches from the base and forms a mound that is approximately 8 inches tall and spreads outwards 1 to 2 feet wide.

It has obovate-spathulate green leaves that are densely glandular pubescent, which causes them to be sticky.

The Aeonium plant would make a beautiful addition to any home as an elegant houseplant. These may be cultivated inside or outside in a sunny area along the borders of your garden or in a rock garden. Either way, you can put them in the garden.

Are Aeonium Irish Bouquet Hardy?

Miniature Aeonium referred to as an Irish Bouquet Aeonium. Arrays of tiny rosettes of a green color. Once the roots are formed, it can withstand periods of drought.

Soft succulents will perish in a severe frost, but they can be moved indoors to continue growing on a sunny window sill or under a grow lamp if there is a chance that temperatures will drop below freezing.

Aeonium “Irish Bouquet” is not fussy. It requires very little in the way of care and when it is grown in the right environment and conditions, it will thrive.

How Do You Make An Aeonium Irish Bouquet Bushy?

When you want your Aeonium Irish bouquet to grow bushy, you need to do the following:


You can make your Aeonium Irish bouquet bushier by pruning off its dead leaves as well as its stem. This will force the plant to focus all of its energy into the leaves and stems that are still alive.

When the stem is cut, you should see a growth of new roots. These will become your new Aeonium plants.

Adequate sunlight

Your Aeonium Irish bouquet needs to be exposed to adequate sunlight. If you live in a particularly cold place, you can place it close to a window so that it will get the right amount of light.

Aeonium Irish bouquet thrives in the sun so it is important to ensure that you place it in an area where it will get the right amount of sunlight.

Provide adequate fertilizers

Do not forget to give your Aeonium Irish bouquet some fertilizers. This is important because it will allow the plant to grow better roots.

You should give this plant a good dose of fertilizer every 2 weeks. Fertilization is important in order to have a healthy and longer Aeonium Irish bouquet life.


It is important that you water your plant often. The best thing about Aeonium Irish bouquet is that it does not need a lot of water in order to survive. You should try watering it approximately once every 2 weeks.

Can Aeonium Irish Bouquet Bloom?

Aeonium Irish bouquet is a succulent plant that can be used indoors. It is an interesting plant that grows well in environments where it receives adequate sunlight and some amount of water.

To care for your Aeonium, you need to keep it watered 1-2 times a week. Since it is a succulent shrub, its growth rate is slow but steady. Its leaves are dark green in color and are obovate to spathulate in shape.

The small yellow star-shaped flowers appear in late winter and spring. Plant in full sun to bright shade in a soil that drains well and water occasionally.

What Is The Main Attraction Of Aeonium Irish Bouquet?

The main attraction of this beauty is that it can add a great dash to your home decor as well as patio space in the form of a surprising and beautiful green color which gives an effect as if it is a bouquet present in your patio area.

It has a very graceful appearance, which is why it is used in the home decor industry to add a charming look to almost any room in your house and makes you feel like you are surrounded by nature.

All you need to do is simply think about the color green, which can be added as a decoration in an elegant way through this little plant.

The Aeonium requires very little water to grow and can be eventually moved with ease since it is easy to cultivate indoors or even outdoors.

Does Aeonium Irish Bouquet Like Frost?

Aeonium Irish bouquet will perish in a severe frost, but they can be moved indoors to continue growing on a sunny window sill or under a grow lamp if there is a chance that temperatures will drop below freezing.

To keep from rotting, they need to be exposed to lots of direct sunshine, have plenty of drainage, and be watered only occasionally.

Choose containers that have drainage holes and use cactus and succulent soil that has between 50 and 70% mineral grit, such as coarse sand, pumice, or perlite.

This will ensure that the soil drains properly. After giving the soil a thorough soaking to the point where the water seeps out the drainage hole, wait until it is completely dry before giving it any more water.

During their summer dormancy period, aeonium prefer less regular irrigation than other times of the year.

Why Is My Aeonium Irish Bouquet Curling Leaves?

There are many reasons why your plant can be curling its leaves. It is a highly sensitive plant that reacts well to changes around it so it is possible that the temperature or lighting may not be right for your plant.

The causes of Aeonium Irish bouquet includes the following;


The main reason why the leaves of Aeonium Irish bouquet will curl is because of under watering. The plant becomes deprived of water, which causes the cells to shrink and pull away from each other.

Because the leaves are not receiving any nutrients and water, the leaves end up curling up and become dry until they die.

Overwatering or too much water

It is not good to over water your plant, as this will result in the roots having an excess amount of water, which causes the roots to rot and the leaves start curling.

This is a very common issue with houseplants and can be avoided by letting the soil dry out between watering.

Improper fertilization

When you do not put any food (fertilizer) on your plant, the leaves may start curling because they are not receiving enough nutrients.

Aeonium Irish bouquet will start curling if it has too much of fertilizer or not enough water.

If you over fertilize your plant, then the extra nutrients will travel up to the leaves, causing them to curl.

Too much high temperatures

High temperatures will cause Aeonium Irish bouquet to curl. This is caused by excessive sun exposure, which causes the plant to have its photosynthesis halted by more intense sunlight exposure.

Pests and Diseases

Pests can cause Aeonium Irish bouquet to curl. They will also result in the leaves being discolored and become deformed. Pests can cause buds to be eaten by insects, which will turn into holes leaving scarring on the plant.

Aeonium Irish bouquet is susceptible to mites, aphids, and powdery mildew, which can cause them to curl up and have spots on the leaves.

Too much direct sunlight

When you place the container in direct sunlight the temperature will rise, causing the water inside the plant to evaporate rapidly. This will cause leaves to curl.

Is Aeonium Irish Bouquet Perennial?

Aeonium Irish bouquet is a perennial plant which means that it will grow in the same place for many years provided that the optimal conditions are met.

Aeonium Irish bouquet is one of the easiest plants to grow. It does not need much care and you can easily give it attention from time to time to ensure its growth in order for it to bloom.

You do not have to worry about fertilizer or watering as this plant does not always need them.

The plant grows well in a partial shade, but if you place it under direct sunlight, then it will not stop blossoming.

Why Is My Aeonium Irish Bouquet Dropping?

There are few reasons why your Aeonium Irish bouquet is dropping its leaves.

The plant is not getting enough sunlight

The plant needs sunlight in order to grow and without it the plant will just shrivel up and die. Being deprived of light is one of the main causes as to why your plant might drop its leaves.

If placed indoors it only requires a few hours of sunlight; but if a plant were to be placed outdoors, it would need at least six hours of direct sunlight each day.


Under watering Aeonium Irish bouquet is one of the main reasons why it starts dropping its leaves. When the plant is constantly being under watered, it will produce little energy and nutrients that its roots need to grow. The leaves will start dying, until they eventually drop off.

Too much heat

When the temperature is too hot, Aeonium Irish bouquet will drop its leaves because of stress. This happens because the plant does not have enough time to adapt to the changes in temperature, which causes it to die.

The plant cannot use all its energy and nutrients when it is subjected to unusually high temperatures.

Too much light

When your plant gets too much direct sunlight, then it may start dropping its leaves because shade loving plants like this one require full sunlight in order for there to be enough oxygen available for photosynthesis.

Under fertilizing

Another reason why your plant might be dropping its leaves is because it may be under fertilized. If the plant does not get enough nutrients, it will start losing its leaves, which will eventually fall off.

Too much water

Too much water can cause Aeonium Irish bouquet to not have enough room in their container to grow and this can result in their roots rotting and then their leaves drying up and falling off.

This plant needs little more than water to survive.

Does Aeonium Irish Bouquet Like To Be Mist?

Aeonium Irish bouquet does not like to be misted.

When we mist plants, we spray them with a fine spray of water that covers its leaves in droplets. Misting is done for many reasons.

It can be used to cool your houseplants down during the hot summer months, or when you need to humidify the air during the winter season.

Misting is also used as a way of watering plants on a regular basis. Many houseplants are not able to absorb the nutrients from the soil in its entirety, so misting is a smart alternative to prevent water from accumulating inside the plant.

However, misting can cause many problems that may lead to it not growing normally. It does not need a lot of water; just enough for it to remain healthy.

It is better if you were to use a watering can or pour some water onto its potting mix in order for it to correctly absorb the moisture.

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