Does Oxalis Plum Crazy Make Good Plants?

Does Oxalis Plum Crazy make good plants?

Oxalis Plum Crazy can make good plants. They are easy to grow and will root even if you only tear off part of the leaves. They need a sunny place that is planted in well-draining soil. The soil should be kept moist, but not too wet.

The roots of Oxalis are fine and flexible. They help the plant spread and grow quickly, especially in warmer conditions.

In colder winter areas where the soil is very dry, you can wrap the roots with a plastic bag or moisten them with water before planting it in a pot or container. Oxalis Plum Crazy is a high-maintenance, fussy plant that does not like to be moved.

The flowers that produce fruit are quite beautiful and fragrant. These flowers will appear at the beginning of spring and bloom for about 2 weeks. Plant seeds in early spring in a sunny area.

Seeds can also be started indoors in pots or trays and then transferred outdoors after hardening off. Seeds should be planted 1–2 inches deep and kept moist, but not soggy wet, until they germinate.

What is the best soil for Oxalis Plum Crazy?

Oxalis plum crazy does not like sandy soil. It likes well-draining rich soil that is rich in organic material and nutrients.

Oxalis Plum Crazy prefers an open growing area as it spreads quickly. It also prefers a slightly acidic soil that is rich in humus and well drained, but it will tolerate slightly alkaline or neutral soils.

Oxalis Plum Crazy needs plenty of water, but you do not want to keep the soil waterlogged. Oxalis plum crazy will grow in sun or partial shade.

Oxalis plum crazy likes to be kept moist and in soil that is warm. It is commonly planted in hanging baskets, containers and barrels.

Why is Oxalis Plum Crazy dying?

Oxalis Plum Crazy will die if it is planted in a dry soil, or if the soil conditions are too dry. You can also kill this plant by reducing the water it receives. The following are the reasons for Oxalis Plum Crazy to die;

Poor drainage:

If the soil is not well-draining the roots of your plant will rot. The ideal conditions for growing Oxalis Plum Crazy are well-draining, loamy soil that is rich in organic material.


If your plant is exposed to wind it can be blown over and damaged by the wind. If you notice that your plant has been blown over, pick it up right away, and try to maintain more control over it. Windy areas should be avoided when planting this plant.

Lack of light:

If your plant does not receive an adequate amount of sunlight, the leaves will start to grow very slowly, and the stems will not produce flowers. Ensure that your plant is placed in a well-lit area. Full sun is ideal for growing this plant.


Oxalis Plum Crazy is a very fussy plant that does not like to be kept wet. If you keep your plant too wet and does not allow it to dry out, the roots will rot and the plant will die. The ideal watering method is to water it every few days and allow it to dry out between watering.


If you do not water your plant, it will die. Do not let the soil dry out. It needs to be kept moist all of the time. Water it whenever the soil feels dry and make sure there is good drainage in your pot or container for the excess water to drain out.

Lack of humidity:

Oxalis does best in humid conditions. If flowers do not appear and you are sure that you have given your plant enough water, try increasing humidity around it by placing a humidifier near it or by spraying it with a fine mist of water every day.

Pests and Diseases:

Oxalis Plum Crazy is susceptible to many pests and diseases. Pests such as cucumber beetles, Japanese beetles, leaf-rollers and slugs can cause damage to your plants.

Diseases caused by fungal spores can also take a toll on your Oxalis Plum Crazy plants; Fusarium wilt is the most common disease of peppers and tomatoes in North America.

Should I mist Oxalis Plum Crazy?

You should mist your plant on the leaves. Mist the leaves once each day during the growing season. You will see a great difference in how well your plant grows when you spray it with water every day. Also be sure to keep it warm and humid by placing your pot near a window or outside if possible.

Oxalis Plum Crazy will thrive in a warm, humid atmosphere. Misting your plant will help to increase the level of humidity around it. Oxalis Plum Crazy is a very delicate and fussy plant that does not like to be touched or moved.

Misting is beneficial to the plant, as it helps protect it from diseases such as powdery mildew. Powdery mildew is a fungus that causes white or grey spots on leaves, and can eventually kill your plant if not treated.

By misting Oxalis Plum Crazy every day, you are creating a humid environment around your plant which will help protect it from diseases.

How do I get rid of Oxalis Plum Crazy slugs?

Slugs can be very harmful to your Oxalis Plum Crazy and other plants. They normally hide in the soil during daytime and come out at night to eat your plants. You can use a chemical solution (available from your local gardening center) that is mixed with water to kill slugs or you can use beer traps, on a piece of cardboard, placed in areas where there are many slugs hiding.

Oxalis Plum Crazy dislikes salt and if you place some around the base of your plant, it will deter slugs from eating it. It will also kill them if they crawl over it to eat your leaves. You can also use readymade slug killer available at most garden centers.

How do you prune Oxalis Plum Crazy?

Oxalis Plum Crazy is an easy plant to prune, even if you are a beginner. Its main growth period is in spring and early summer. Once the plant has flowered its growth will slow down, so prune at this time to promote new growth and flowers next spring.

It is best to prune the leaves in order to promote new foliage growth instead of cutting off the stems. New foliage will cause the plant to thrive and produce more flowers later on in the summer. The following are procedures when pruning Oxalis Plum Crazy;

  • Cut all new growth back to the main stem.
  • Cut off any diseased leaf tips or damaged leaves.
  • Trim away dead stems to promote new growth, or else the plant will die.
  • You can also cut out any dead flowers or flower buds and dispose of them properly.
  • You can cut off flower stalks after the flowers have died, as this will promote more flowering later.
  • Leave some leaves on the plant, even if they begin to turn yellow, so that it has a source of food and will produce more flowers in the spring.

Is Oxalis Plum Crazy a perennial plant?

Oxalis Plum Crazy is a perennial plant. It will die at the start of fall, from natural causes. During autumn, the foliage that is left on the plant begins to die, and will turn yellow and fall off its stem. You can let this happen naturally or you can dig up your plant before then if you want to.

You should not cut off all of the leaves, as it needs a source of food in order to produce more flowers next year. You should also avoid cutting away too many of the stems, as this will kill the plant.

Cutting off too much of the stems will result in the remaining stems not being strong enough to carry the weight of more leaves, making the plant unable to flower next year.

The Oxalis Plum Crazy plant might look attractive to you now, but if you take it out before it dies (which can be done by following step 7), it will not produce any flowers next year and you will see that it is very disappointing.

How do I repot a mature and large Oxalis Plum Crazy plant?

When you repot your Oxalis Plum Crazy plant, it will be fine if you use potting soil. Potting soil is better than regular garden soil, as it is lighter and provides a good mix of nutrients and water.

Repotting should only be done if your plant has outgrown the container in which it was originally grown in. If you want to repot the plant, go through the following steps:

  • Remove any dead foliage from your plant and remove any dead roots from inside the container.
  • Water your plant well and make sure that it is moist before you begin repotting it.
  • The best time to repot your Oxalis Plum Crazy is in spring or early summer, when it is actively growing and flowering.
  • Place your Oxalis Plum Crazy in the new container and fill in around it with potting soil.
  • Water your plant well and place it in a warm, sunny spot to let it grow and flower again next year.

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