How Do You Propagate Plum Crazy Oxalis?

How do you propagate Plum Crazy Oxalis?

Oxalis Plum Crazy is easily propagated by division, offsets and bulbs. The optimum time to split your Oxalis ‘Plum Crazy’ is in the spring or fall. Divide rootbound plants easily by severing the roots with a sharp knife or shears.

Shake off any excess dirt and repot the plant in a new enriched potting mix. Offsets: As with other members of the Oxalis family, new plants can be propagated using offset cuttings. Trim the bottom leaves of an unbranched, healthy bulb.

Then, set it in a sandy potting medium and water often enough to maintain a wet but not waterlogged soil. After around six weeks, remove the dirt layer from the bulb and allow it to dry for approximately two weeks. The following are the steps when propagating by;


  • Select healthy, well-established plants.
  • Prune the base to encourage branching and promote growth.
  • Divide the plant into 3 or 4 pieces using garden pruners or sharp spoons.
  • Re-pot in fresh mix using a small amount of soil and water thoroughly until water runs out the bottom of the pot or container.
  • Place in a sunny window for about 1-2 weeks and then move back to the growing area.


  • Remove offsets when they are about 3/4″ in diameter, or sever them from the mother plant using sharp pruning shears.
  • Re-pot them in fresh mix and place in a humid area until new growth has started and then place back into the growing area.


  • Select healthy, well-established bulbs.
  • Prune back the bottom of the bulb if top growth starts to encroach on the bulb.
  • Place in a pot with rich soil and water until water runs out of the bottom.
  • Place in a sunny window for about 4-6 weeks, then place back into the growing area when new leaves have appeared.

What does Oxalis Plum Crazy taste like?

The flavor of the fruit and seeds can be described as therefore. The flesh of the fruit, which is green and soft, has a sweet-sour taste that is slightly astringent. The seed, which has a mild peppery taste, is reminiscent of rhubarb and cotton candy.

The leaves are edible; however, they can have a bitter aftertaste due to oxalic acid. It is also common for your Oxalis Plum Crazy to have an unpleasant odor when you harvest the leaves in summer. This is a natural occurrence and you can prevent it by watering less in the summer months.

Mealiness of leaves when cooked becomes soft and mealy. The taste is reminiscent of spinach. Fruit can be eaten raw or cooked. When eaten raw, it has a very mild flavor and seedy texture that is slightly dry.

When cooked, it becomes softer and the flavor becomes more aromatic, becoming sweeter with a fruitier aftertaste. The seeds used in cooking have a peppery flavor similar to radishes.

Is Oxalis Plum Crazy an indoor plant?

Oxalis Plum Crazy is a perfect houseplant due to its small and compact size. It can grow in the living room and will not require a lot of care. At times, it may require pruning in order to keep it neat.

The plant prefers bright, indirect sunlight and temperatures between 65–85 degrees Fahrenheit. Before using your plant in a container, you may want to add a layer of gravel to help anchor the roots.

The potting mixture should be rich in organic material such as peat and perlite so that the water drains freely. Keep the compost moist, but not soggy. Use a fertilizer with minor elements every month to keep it healthy. If your plant is growing in a pot, repot it every 2–3 years to give it fresh soil.

A common issue with Oxalis Plum Crazy is its tendency to rot if too much water is left at the bottom of the container. To avoid this, make sure that you water your plant only when the top soil is dry to touch.

How much light does Oxalis Plum Crazy need?

Oxalis Plum Crazy needs bright, indirect light due to its native habitat. It will do best in locations that receive direct sunlight for at least 6 hours per day, although some sun exposure is required for it to flower regularly.

If your plant is in a pot, place it in a sunny window, close to the outer edge so that it receives full sun for most of its height. Do not place the pot near an air conditioning vent as cold air will dry out your soil and make it crack.

If your plant is in a hanging basket or in the ground, you can use fluorescent light tubes if you wish. However, direct sunlight is best for this plant to flower and produce fruit.

Oxalis Plum Crazy can also be grown outdoors in USDA zones: 4-10. It is generally easier to grow this plant outdoors than indoors, which means that you will have more control over its environment.

The climate in your area will determine the zone that you need to select. In the United States, this plant grows best in USDA zones 7–10, but it can grow anywhere from zone 3–11.

How much water should I give my Oxalis Plum Crazy?

You should water your plant only when the top soil is dry to touch. Once this occurs, you can begin watering as normal. Remember, always water less during the summer months and more during the winter months, as this is when your plant needs it most.

The amount of water that you give your plant depends on its pot size, soil moisture, and humidity level. A general guideline is to keep the top inch of soil moist for every 2–4 inches of pot depth.

The best way to do this is to water until the excess water flows out of the drainage hole. Make sure there is a drainage hole in your pot. If not, drill one and cover it with a piece of screen.

Oxalis will become limp when it does not have enough water, so remember that you should never let your plant become completely dry before watering it again.

You should water more often if it is in a container. In a hanging basket, water should be given twice per week. A container that is in direct sunlight will require much more frequent watering.

How do I identify Oxalis Plum Crazy?

Oxalis Plum Crazy can be identified by its intricate, almost spherical leaf shape and tiny, inconspicuous flowers. Oxalis Plum Crazy is a popular decorative plant. It is used in hanging baskets, indoor containers, and landscape beds. The following are the features of Oxalis Plum Crazy;


Oxalis Plum Crazy flowers at the beginning of spring. The flowers are white with a purple tinge, and they are extremely fragrant. They look like miniature daisies.

To encourage fruiting, cut back on water during the late summer to early fall months, approximately September to December. This encourages your plant to make flowers and fruit. Flowers will start the following year once it experiences warm weather.


Oxalis’s fruit is unique because it resembles a small plum. It has a thick skin that ranges in color from red to blue to purple, which is why this plant is also sometimes called ‘Crazy Purple’.

The skin can be peeled off and eaten, as it is edible. This fruit is not as sweet as grapes, but it does have more flavor than most garden plants.


The leaves are light green and slightly hairy. The leaves are often confused with Sweet Flag (Acorus Calamus), which is a close relative, although the leaves of Sweet Flag’s tendrils have a pointed tip, as opposed to Oxalis’s more round tip.

It can be differentiated from other species of the genus ‘Oxalis’ by examining the flowers. In Oxalis plum crazy, the flower is usually in whorl (the number of whorls varies) and has six or seven petals or sepals.


Oxalis Plum Crazy is an annual plant, but in zones 8 and above, it can produce heartier bulbs. It only takes a few months to grow from seed and flowers during the spring.

The plant grows in a clump and can spread and climb over rocks or other plants. It will form a dense ball of leaves at the tip of its stems. If you would like to keep it confined, you can dig up the whole clump and replant it in another area.


Oxalis is generally considered non-toxic, although the leaves of the plant can cause contact dermatitis in some people.

Does Oxalis Plum Crazy blooms?

Oxalis Plum Crazy is a perennial plant, but it will not bloom if given too much water. The flower buds that appear in the fall will not open if you keep your plant too wet or too cold.

If you want to increase flower production, cut back on watering during spring and summer months. This encourages blooms to form in late summer or early fall.

The flowers normally last for about 3 weeks and produce a powerful aroma. Blooming occurs in the spring. For Oxalis Plum Crazy to bloom ensure the sunlight available is full sun, and fertilize it every 2 weeks with a soluble fertilizer and give it extra water.

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