How Can You Care For Anthurium Water Dragon?

What is Anthurium Water Dragon?

Anthurium ‘Water Dragon’ (Anthurium hybrid). ‘Water Dragon’ is a combination of Anthurium watermaliense and Anthurium ‘Red Birds Nest’ developed by Silver Krome Gardens. The huge, tall leaves are green with prominent crimson veins, but become maroon when grown in more over 50% shade. Black is the color of the flower.

Warm temperatures (60-85°F), high humidity, partial sunshine, and consistent hydration are required for growth. ‘Water Dragon’ loves to have its roots irrigated directly. It is not fond of having water on its leaves.

Anthurium is quite easy to cultivate indoors. Maintain an equal moisture level throughout, but do not allow them to get damp or dry. Fertilize your house plants on a regular basis with a general-purpose, soluble house plant food. Anthurium thrives at a window facing north or east or in strong, indirect light.

What is the ideal temperature for Anthurium Water Dragon?

Anthurium Water Dragon plants thrive in pots or as an outstanding landscaping plant. Indoor plants thrive in temperatures ranging from 65° to 76°F and require less light than regular home plants. Anthurium grows large in the ground and is frequently indistinguishable from their potted juvenile condition.

They provide an exotic touch to any well-lit location or cascade from your favorite planter. In really cold zones, an Anthurium Water Dragon containerized for the winter months can be brought indoors. Avoid frost and freezing weather at all costs.

There is no need to plant your new Anthurium Water Dragon immediately upon receipt. Simply place your new plant in a bucket with approximately a half inch of water in the bottom and move it to a shaded area.

After that, you may add some mulch to help keep the plant erect. Additionally, the mulch will provide nutrients while in storage. This provides ample opportunity to choose the right site for your new Anthurium Water Dragon.

 Is Anthurium Water Dragon easy to grow?

Anthurium Water Dragon is an exotic foliage houseplant that can add color and texture to any room in your home. If you choose the right variety, they are easy to grow. Anthurium Water Dragon has become more widely available than ever before. Their stunning foliage and unique flower has caught the attention of growers across the globe, and for good reason!

They do well in low light conditions, although bright indirect light will make them grow faster. Water you’re newly bought Anthurium Water Dragon every other day for about a week to ensure proper drainage. After that, you will gradually begin to see new foliage sprouting and the plant will develop a healthy root system. This plant is usually ready for planting after about a month or two of receiving water.

How can you tell the Anthurium Water Dragon?

The Anthurium Water Dragon plant is a perennial. The following are features to identified Anthurium Water Dragon;


The leaves of the plant are usually maroon in color and form a rosette around the base of the plant. The flower is green with red veins and attracts pollinators for easy pollination. The leaf shape is also distinct from that of other common house plants such as African violet, egg-plant, or amaryllis, which have pointy ends and serrated edges.

Height and sizes

Depending on the variety, Anthurium Water Dragon plants can grow very large. The leaves are several inches tall and can reach up to 12 to 36 inches in length. The plant form depends on the cultivar; however, most are taller when growing in containers grown indoors, as opposed to living outside in the ground.


The flower of Anthurium Water Dragon has four petals that are usually bright red in color and can be found at the tip of a long stem. The flower acts as a pollinator for the Anthurium water dragon.

The flower is not always red; however, there are other colors that can be found in the variety. The flower may be yellow, white and red orange or a combination of all four colors.


The Anthurium Water Dragon is toxic if ingested, even in small doses. Do not consume the sap of the plant and keep it out of reach of children and pets. The most common symptoms of toxicity are: Puffy or itchy skin, Nausea and vomiting and Difficulty breathing.


The potency of the Anthurium Water Dragon depends on the cultivar. Some varieties are less potent, but others may be more potent than other common plants that can be found in the market. In general, the higher the potency level and amount of alkaloid present in a plant, the more potent it is. The leaves and flower of Anthurium Water Dragon or seeds are usually very toxic at all stages of development, but not lethal to pets or children if ingested in small doses.

How can you care for Anthurium Water Dragon?

Caring for Anthurium Water Dragon is relatively easy. The hardiness of the plant has led to a wide variety of cultivars and hybrids available, such as the popular “zebra” plant. The plant requires the following aspects;


Anthurium Water Dragon is an epiphyte, which means that it grows on trees or other surfaces and requires a moist, rich soil with good drainage. A loam-based mix that is slightly more acidic than peat moss works well. The plants tend to grow best in warm weather, so avoid planting where the temperature falls below 60°F.


Anthurium Water Dragon plants need ample sunlight to thrive. They can be placed in areas that are direct sunlight or indirect; however, the plant needs to be able to receive enough sunlight in order for it to grow. The plant should not be left in the dark for long periods of time; otherwise the leaves will begin to fall off.


Anthurium Water Dragon plants require moderate watering in order for them to grow properly and produce flowers. They should never have their roots permanently soaked and should not be left dry either. The plants should have water applied to the soil at least once every 10 days, depending upon the temperature.

The Anthurium Water Dragon flower requires pollination, which means this plant is not self-fertile. If you want to grow a fruit or produce seeds, you may need to buy a male and female plant. Ensure that there is adequate space between the plants, approximately 12 inches away from the plant that’s being pollinated, so they can be effective pollinators.


Anthurium Water Dragon plants should be kept at a minimum of 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme temperatures lower than this will kill the plants and prevent them from producing flowers.


The ideal humidity for Anthurium is between 60 to 70%, depending upon the location of the plant. Most types of Anthurium require humidity in their environment in order for them to thrive and produce flowers. The best way to maintain this is to provide a humidifying spray or mist and close the doors, hoods and vents if you are indoors when temperatures are warm as humidity levels decrease.


Anthurium Water Dragon plants are quite easy to repot, so long as your new pot is slightly larger than the previous one. Plants may be placed in a pot with a drainage hole in the bottom and enough space for the roots of the plant to grow freely. The plants grow best when they have room to grow and spread their roots, which makes them nearly impossible to root in a small soil-filled or plastic container.


The Anthurium Water Dragon is a fast growing plant, so if you want to increase the supply of plants in your garden or house, simply propagate by dividing the existing leaf clusters.

The Anthurium Water Dragon can easily grow indoors and outdoors. The plants can be found in homes, gardens and commercial nurseries around the world. However, it grows better outdoors rather than indoors due to pale light levels and protection from pests, diseases and cold temperatures.


Anthurium Water Dragon plants require minimal pruning and trimming, so long as the plant is healthy. The plant requires minimal pruning in order to produce a bushier form and flower clusters.

Anthurium Water Dragon plants can have their branches trimmed to desired lengths or branches can be clipped down to an appropriate size. The flowers of the Anthurium Water Dragon are densely packed and very showy, which means they will not require any significant pruning other than shortening if desired.

How often do you water your Anthurium Water Dragon?

Watering Anthurium Water Dragon should be done at least once every 10 days. You should also avoid over watering, as it will cause the root to grow in excess of the top, which is not aesthetically pleasing. Anthurium Water Dragon can also grow in decorative water features.

Watering Anthurium Water Dragon can be difficult, as they have different types of growth rate. The smaller one has a very slow growth rate, whereas the bigger one has an average growth rate and speed. In general, the smaller one grows faster than the bigger one. Note that the roots of Anthurium are often deeper than their leaves.

How do you propagate Anthurium Water Dragon?

Propagating Anthurium Water Dragon is relatively easy and can be done by simply cutting the leaf clusters with a sharp knife. The plant should be taken out of the pot, with cuttings from the base of the plant. The following are steps when propagating by cutting;

  • Remove the plant from the pot and cut an equal ten-centimeter long section of the branches near the base of the plant.
  • Use a sharp knife and cut into a point at both ends. The cut should be clean, smooth, and straight and blunt enough so that it does not damage the mature leaves or roots.
  • Place both ends on top of each other and spread them down to create a point. The holes should be facing downwards, with no cuts on branch sides or above soil level.
  • Cut the stem, just above soil level, by making a straight cut three centimeter long.
  • Place two nodes (blunt ends of the cut) on top of each other and make a point by pinching slightly.
  • Cut slits into the leaves, just below leaf nodes and near stems.
  • Remove leaves with a sharp knife and place them upside down on pieces of paper or cardboard in order to allow roots to grow from their base.
  • Poke and soil should be wrapped around the cuttings, with a mixture of one part soil to one part sand.
  • Pour water into container and place it under indirect sunlight.
  • Grow the plant in a container until roots are at least two inches long.

What is the lifespan of Anthurium Water Dragon?

The average lifespan of Anthurium Water Dragon is approximately five to ten years, depending upon the size, soil quality and location. Most Anthurium do not have a very long life span and can only live a few years inside houses or gardens, but they can survive outdoors in normal tropical conditions.

It is quite difficult to predict the life span of Anthurium Water Dragon, as it depends on the care, location and size. The smaller one is the most difficult to maintain, as the environment and temperature changes will be faster compared to larger ones.

This includes the frequency of pruning and water. The bigger one, compared to the smaller, has a growth rate which is slower and requires a more moderate amount of water.


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